L.A.M.B. Bags: Guts Post Thread

  1. Junebug that post was great! I've never even considered the Montego before.
  2. Thanks, gals! Even though I've loved the Montego since I first saw it, I had some doubts when I first bought it, because I was still so into my Mandeville. But I'm happy to say I love them both equally!

    Dollyrusso I just posted some pics of me holding the Montego and a Montego/Mandeville comparison of sorts in the pictures thread. Hope it helps! I think the Montego in Shadow would be gorgeous, especially because of the thick border trim, since the patent is so hot! I think that's why the Oxford, Montego, and Carlisle look particularly beautiful in the Shadow!
  3. knasarea where do you find the purse inserts. I like those.
  4. Quick Cellphone guts pic of the Carlisle Clutch.

    It can also fit a blackberry but I used mine to take the pic. This is what it fits if you want to fold it down and not have it be lumpy. If you don't mind lumpy, I've also carried long gloves, and a larger makeup bag. If you want to carry it like a tote, obviously you can fit more. :smile:

  5. SO i thought i would do a Oxford Guts post since I just got her and I am super stoked on her.
    there she is all zipped up
    front pocket
    middle pocket
    Back pocket! with a cosmo in there!!!!!
    all my stuff
    lip glosses (3 really 4 but two are connected to each other) mascara, Hair powder, cosmo, small knitting project, wallet/checkbook, change purse sunglasses, that little bag with the aliens on it is what i put my camera in. and my blackberry pearl (gold)
  6. It looks like it holds alot and I love the different pockets so you can organize your stuff :tup: I can't wait til I get mine:nuts:
  7. Nice! I keep going back and forth between the Oxford and Montego...nice to know I can get a mag in the Oxford too!
  8. thanks for the wonderful montego shots junebug!!!!!!!! you've inspired me to put my lotion in that side pocket! pure genius!
  9. Aw, thanks, hon! When I got the lotion I was so disappointed to see the opening was at the bottom, I never carried it in my purses for fear it would leak everywhere! It just so happened the Montego had an extra pocket I didn't need. Now if only the Mandeville had those extra pockets!
  10. Guts post on an Exeter (Bullseye to be exact! :p )

    Side view of the Exeter filled up:



    And the usual suspects inside: Small Chameleon insert, pouch with headphones, iphone in the cell pocket, and miscellaneous cards and money in the long zip pocket.

    BEGuts1.jpg BEGuts2.jpg BEGuts3.jpg
  11. In my cheetah morant I can fit:
    My cell phone, a small pocket knife, a pillbox, Crystal Light drink mix, small tin of mints, my cheetah coin purse, my cheetah french wallet, orbit gum, small pocket mirror, my ipod, my credit card wallet pouch, small perfume spray, nail file, 2 pens, a comb, 3 lipglosses, and a small container of hand sanitizer. Oh, and I can fit my bebe sunglasses in their soft case at the top. It’s a little bit of a squeeze with the sunglasses, if your trying to get stuff out but it zips fine and keeps its shape. The morant is a great small handbag!! I love it!!:love:
    CheetahMorant.JPG CheetahMorant2.JPG Morant-guts.JPG Morant-birdview.JPG Morant-sideview.JPG
  12. wow when you lay everything out it looks like the morant holds quite a bit!
  13. I agree, I didn't realize you could fit that much in there!
  14. Wow, that fits more than my cyprus!!!! I bow down to your packing skills, VVV. And I might have to get a Morant, lol!