L.A.M.B. Bag Style Names and Colors

  1. ^ I love this clutch so much! All those colors....yummy :drool:
  2. Capri Satchel

    cap.jpg cap1.jpg cap2.jpg

    Available in frosted love, white/velvet navy, antachrite, glazed black, green, chartreuse, glazed white, nude
  3. Pavia Flap Bag

    pav.jpg pav1.jpg pav2.jpg pav3.jpg pav4.jpg

    Available in glazed black, nude, green, chartreuse, white, frosted love, white/velvet blue navy
  4. agree..
    imma have to get one of these.. lol..
  5. Jacquard Jolie Tote
    _5589906.jpg _5589907.jpg _5589908.jpg

    available in black/black, black/natural, multicolor, mushroom
  6. Jacquard Andrea Satchel
    andrea.JPG 03-14-08_1953.jpg

    Available in black/black, mushroom, multicolor, black/natural
  7. Jacquard Kerry
    03-14-08_1952.jpg 719701_fpx.tif.jpg lamb jacq kerry_small1.jpg

    available in mushroom, black/natural, multicolor, black/black
  8. Jacquard Jen

    _5608025.jpg lambh2003410917_prod_medium.jpg lambh2003411459_prod_medium.jpg
    Available in Jamaican Multicolor, multicolor, black/natural, black/black
  9. Jacquard Kathy
    lambh2003511459_prod_medium.jpg 03-14-08_1954.jpg

    Available in black/natural, mushroom, multicolor, black/black
  10. Jacquard Cat Satchel
    _5608028.jpg _5608029.jpg _5608030.jpg

    Available in black/black, black/natural, jamaican multicolor
  11. Jacquard Madeleine Clutch

    lambh2005011459_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831099635.jpg lambh2005022080_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831099653.jpg

    Available in black/natural, jamaican multicolor
  12. Trenchtown Manchester Clutch
    Available in Gold Hardware (w/ matching gold L letters), Silver Hardware (w/ matching silver L letters)
  13. Trenchtown Satchel

    Available in Silver hardware w/ matching silver L letters
  14. Trenchtown Maria Tote


    Available in Gold hardware with matching gold L letters
  15. Trenchtown Portmore


    Size: 16.5"x 11.5"x 5.5"
    Available in gold hardware (w/ matching l letters), silver hardware (w/ matching l letters)