L.A.M.B. at TJ Maxx & Marshall's!

  1. Thanks everyone! I was super excited! I went to another TJ Maxx today and they had Mandalay and Black and White Check wristlets and one Mandalay key pouch.:biggrin:
  2. shibby you are on a roll...CONGRATS on your SCORES
  3. I will dream of key pouches tonight!:sleepy:
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  5. ^^ i think so

    I soooo hope they do bags *prays*
  6. Wow...it got a bid overnight. I bet that wallet cost less than half of that starting bid price at TJ's.
  7. Wow really cool! I see a lot of LAMB shoes at Marshalls. Not too many bags and stuff like that or wallets.
  8. I found zip around wallets at TJ Maxx today - saddle, b/w chckerboard
  9. ^^Oh cool!! Thanks for the report Grayxie. :flowers: Can I ask how much they were?
  10. same as the flap wallets $59.99
  11. Sounds great....thanks again!!
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    Oops sorry!!! I guess my post was bad so I removed it.
    Instead I will just say, I love my checkerboard wristlet:graucho:
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    Alright my bff and I hit up 4 TJ Maxx's today. I'm in Southern California. My recap:

    La Habra: 3 Key Pouches. (2 of the tan print and 1 checkered print. I bought the checkered print.)

    Whittier: Nothing

    Anaheim: 1 checkered wristlet. (I purchased it.)

    Long Beach: 2 Checkered and 2 Zebra wristlets. (Bff bought 1 zebra and 2 checkered for her and her sister. I bought a zebra.)

    I'm exhausted but happy with my purchases. La Habra said that they will probably get more in but they didn't know when. :smile:
  14. Cheryl: yes, mine is the flap wallet, but i prefer the zip around style.