L.A.M.B. at TJ Maxx & Marshall's!

  1. Now that we have confirmation of L.A.M.B. accessories being carried at various TJ Maxxs, I thought I'd start a thread for people to share location sightings, info or pictures of their purchases.

    I'll start! Found B & W Checkerboard and Saddle Wristlets today! Thanks again Lambiepie for the tip!!:hugs:

  2. Went to 2 different stores and both had nada :sad:
  3. I got the Saddle and Checkerboard today. I went to 2 TJ Maxx's (McHenry, Illinois and Crystal Lake, Illinois) and they had about 5 of each print at both locations.
    I would be surprised if anyone on here even lives in Illinois besudes me, but I thought I should say where :lol::lol::lol:
  4. YAY! Congrats on the awesome finds, Cheryl! I wish I can find some of these wristlets too... but I haven't seen a TJ Maxx near me in what feels like forever.

    So I was wondering, do these wristlets have the old-school (heavy-duty) PVC? or is it the newer/cheaper/thinner PVC? My guess is that it's the latter. But if it's old-school PVC, then that is so awesome! Classic prints with classic quality... if only... (but I'm still not into the plasticky nameplate though... miss the hardware!)
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    So the PVC used to be heavier weight in the past? I had no idea! I've only seen the more recent signature prints IRL and they did seem a little flimsy but I don't hate it....I do miss the old quality though...the really small hallmarks of a high quality bag like metal zippers inside AND out...and how it's put together,etc...it's a little crazy but I am a sucker for tiny special details that might even not be noticed.
  6. It's the new thinner soft sig pvc.
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    And yeah, it's definitely the thinner PVC. But at least we're back to leather trim and away from 100% PVC bags/accessories like in the Spring 10 collection. It's a good thing the price is decent too - $34.99 for the wristlets. :smile:
  8. Oh, so I wasn't imagining that - I thought I remembered looking at a L.A.M.B. bag years ago that I didn't buy because the PVC was so thick (because I thought the bag would be heavy to carry). I've recently compared Burberry (much thicker and heavier than the other two), LV (midway between the two) and L.A.M.B. I personally prefer the thinner one.
  9. My father was so kind to look for me yesterday and found none. There is still a few more I check before I give up.
  10. I saw Lamb wristlets yesterday in Tulsa TJM.
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    I bought the Mandalay yesterday! There's only 2 in the area and I got the last one. I want the Saddle and Checkerboard one as well!
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  12. Oh and the only Lamb that I've seen there is the fragrance. Its only $20 for the large size! Hurry and stock up before its completely discontinued! And I've seen some Harajuku fragrances as well for $14.99 for the large size.
  13. 3 Mandalay at the Rivergate TJ Maxx (north of Nashville)
  14. Is it just wristets? Anything else? Does this mean Gwen is bring back classic prints?
  15. hey everyone! sorry it's taken me so long to reveal! i didnt get home until 6 am! but here are the beauties!