L.A.M.B Accessories: Talk to Me About Wallets, Cosmetic Bags, Coin Purses etc

  1. ^me too...i would have waaayyy too many wallets.
    besides, i'm lazy ..i don't like to constantly change out my wallet. no one looks in my bag except me :smile: lol
  2. I just realized, I listed all of the stuff I use, but forgot to mention none of it is L.A.M.B. I love my stuff, even if it doesn't get close to matching.
  3. Oh man, I want that Agenda! But then I might have to slip-cover it in L.A.M.B. fabric lol. Must have L.A.M.B. Agenda(s) !!

    Yeah.. that is a good point. I have some serious OCD tendencies, so I'm probably going to force myself not to get too crazy with the matchy-matchy, especially considering what bag I'm buying for right now. Too much B&W Check could make this L.A.M.B. baby go blind :smile: I do love that B&W Check wallet, tho, and I think it would translate pretty well to a slew of my other bags that are Black.. or White.. heck, even Red, so I'm going to put that one accessory indulgence on my wish list.

    Am proceeding with caution (and saving for the $ales :smile:) but got myself a purse organizer from eBay that is B&W stripe faced with a circle pattern - goes well with the bag interior, and already helps makes my 'stuff' look a lot better.
  4. Another great tip, thank you to everyone who mentioned HL! I right quickly nabbed a cosmetic bag in the amazement pattern - which will look great with most of my handbags, not just the new one.
  5. I beat you all, I have not one lamb accessory and like alot of you are just too lazy to change them to match even if I had them. I carry the same black leather coach wallet with every bag I change to..... By the way, where do you even get the accessories, besides the wallets? I have never even seen any? I might just try to buy one and get up enough energy to actually use it! lol! :roflmfao:
  6. Do cell phones fit inside the key pouch? I'm a college student and always manage to not wear clothing with pockets when i need to run to the food court or the bookstore and only need to carry my phone and my id. (Also, i want to be able to carry some LAMB around with me everyday :love:) Would a key pouch or a zip pouch be better? I've never seen either in person.
  7. ^^ i could fit my blackberry pearl in the keypouch but it's a tight fit.. the zip cosmetic pouch from signature collection is way bigger though.. try the cosmetic pouch from the love collection.. that one, a good size.. :yes:

    off 5th usually have some.. keypouch and the cosmetic case..
  8. I am pretty new to l.a.m.b., so I don't have any accessories (yet?), but I also agree that I am too lazy to switch out wallets and make-up bags constantly. I have a plain ivory leather wallet for everyday and an LV key pouch if I just need a card or two. Still hunting for the perfect make-up bag - maybe that's where I'll start my l.a.m.b. accessory-buying! :upsidedown:
  9. I went and put my phone and student id in my key pouch to see if it would fit and it did. I could have probably have fit a few more cards in there or maybe some cash but not much else. Like there was no way I could fit keys and a phone in there. If all you want to carry is a phone and id it would be perfect, but if you want to put keys, lipgloss, etc. in there I think a zip pouch would be better. HTH. :smile:
  10. My green glazed LAMB clutch wallet goes into every handbag I have - I'm pretty much a mis-matcher of shoes, accessories and handbags with my clothes which I prefer. It's not so bad that I've ever been accused of being colour-blind...lol...I do love my clutch wallet though.
  11. Thanks! That helps tons :tup:
    Now to find one..
  12. Thought this might be a fun thread to bump...

    Do you like to be matchy-matchy with your L.A.M.B. bag & accessories? Or do you mix it up? I'm a mixer for sure. I love Rebecca Minkoff pouches too so I like to mix those up with my L.A.M.B. accessories. :smile:
  13. I don't care about matching either the colour or the brand, but coincidentally my LAMB is a Walderston Satchel in LAMB Union and I have a Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse in Damier Ebene which is almost the same colour combination. I don't carry a lot of cards so it's just the right size, a bigger wallet looks empty. I like some of the edgier LAMB prints but not for a bag for myself (I'm in my 50's) so I'd like to get a couple of key pouches in different prints (one for house keys and one for car keys).
  14. I DO like my wallet and bag to match BUT if it doesn't im cool. I just want what ever im carrying to be L.A.M.B.!!!

    I ONLY have matching wallets and bags in the black and white checkerboard, cheetah, rasta and dayglo. I would LOVE to score a wallet in fulani and samburu and bullseye. My fingers are crossed. When LACE goes on sale, I will get a wallet, bag and key pouch. (FUNNY because I didnt like the lace when I first saw it. Way BETTER IRL.) DONT even get me started on the Spring 2010 bags and wallets...:rolleyes: