L.A.M.B Accessories: Talk to Me About Wallets, Cosmetic Bags, Coin Purses etc

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    Okay, I've completely caught Obsessive Compulsive LAMB disorder, and need some insight, advice & perspective about accessories from those of you with more experience and more LAMB ;)

    I'm noticing that when I open my new B&W checkd Montego Bowler, I'm getting a little ashamed of my (nice, but ho-hum) wallet, cosmetic bag and other "stuff" inside. Oddly, they seem fine in every other bag I own - but with this bag - the strong visual impact of the checkerboard pattern in combo with the striped interior just screams for some equally sharp accessories inside.

    It's making me a little nuts (or more nuts than usual) so I know I need to upgrade the accessories, and quickly, otherwise I'll just obsess endlessly (aka shop) and never get anything done meanwhile. I've been looking at LAMB as well as some other designers for accessories and just am confusing myself more and more.

    Can you more experienced LAMBsters weigh in with how you accessorize the interior of your bags - and to what extent?

    Do you go 'matchy-matchy' with the bag? If so - how far do you take it? And how/where do you find all of the smaller LAMB pieces - can they be special-ordered?

    If you do not go matchy-matchy, and mix it up a little - say mixing LAMB colors/patterns - or even maybe using another designer (EEK!! haha), do you get obsessed about trying to match the metal trim color of the bag (ie silver trim vs gold) as I have been doing LOL?

    This B&W chek'd Montego is my first LAMB - and I purchased it exactly because it's such a strong visual statement. Still, I'm finding out, people really LOOK when I carry that bag - especially here in Chicago, where the local 'style' is somewhere below 'form, function & flying under the radar'.

    I find that I am needing to step up my own game a little in order to live up to this handbag -- which is not a bad thing, trust me! (where is the "how my new bag changed my life" thread, anyway...) With the wallet & accessories that I have now - they just aren't right with the statement this bag makes. Every time I pull out my safe, conservative wallet from this hawt baby, or my (now dowdy-looking by comparison cosmetic bag) I feel like I'm showing that I wear granny pants LOL.

    Thanks in advance, everyone for your thoughts.

    Christina G
  2. Ah, Christina....we all feel your pain!!

    I have serious OCD and need to be matchy-matchy as much as possible. I am dying just a bit that I have two glazed leather bags without the matching wallets (:wtf: I know!), but have found that as long as the "colors" match, I am okay.

    Most of my LAMBIES have matching accessories (wallet, coin purse), but the leather has been harder to match, so I'm using a Coach leather wallet and black accessories (Sephora cosmetic bag, black coin-pouch).
  3. I use the hl cosmetic cases in alot of my bags. I just go with one that matches the color of my bag the best. And you will totally be surprised at how much these little cases match almost everything. I really like that they are kinda slouchy so you can just throw them in. They're way different than the l.a.m.b cases.

    As far as finding the accessories for your b&w montego, don't worry, they should be coming out soon. They always release the bags first.

    I'm waiting for those damn trenchtown accessories like this:hysteric:
  4. I have to match! I try to buy at least one matching accessory for all of my bags, but sometimes that doesn't happen. I like to use the flat zip pouches, the key pouches, the huge cosmetic cases, and the wallets of course! If I don't have something that matches I'll throw in an accessory that looks good (the cheetah clutch wallet looks really great with a variety of prints for instance).
  5. TRENCHTOWN ACCESSORIES!! :drool::drool::drool:

  6. Seriously.

    I hope there is a Trenchtown keypouch! It would look great in ANY L.A.M.B. bag, IMO.
  7. ^ I'd love a wallet and cosmetic case! Preferably one of those flat zip pouches rather than the way too huge cosmetic cases :p
  8. I don't worry about matching. I have one lamb accessory, a silver key pouch, and I use it will all my bags not just my lamb ones. I use my key pouch for my debit card, drivers license, and cash instead of keys. Then I have a hello kitty card case that holds the rest of my cards.

    I'm contemplating getting a lamb cosmetics pouch just for the heck of it, but I don't really need one. After I put on my makeup for the day I just toss my mac blot powder and some lipgloss in my purse and I'm done. Do I really need a $100 case just to hold two things lol? And then that would be one more thing to unzip to get to my stuff, and another thing I'd have to dig around inside my bag.

    I think it's fun to match but I'm too lazy and cheap basically. :lol:
  9. Right now I'm using a black wallet, black card holder, red heart coin purse, and blue & white cloud accessory pouch. I've decided I need function more than everything matching.

    A trenchtown wallet would match everything! I would consider buying one of those.
  10. Right? Trenchtown accessories would be amazing, my heart is pounding just thinking about 'em!
  11. I'm kind of a spaz and like my stuff to match but I don't have a choice with the trenchtown so I am currently carrying my shadow clutch wallet and key pouch in it.
  12. Thank you everyone for all of this - man it's nice to know that others are going through the same ponderings - what a wonderful group!

    I've been sort of thinking of going with shadow accessories since there are a couple of 'em on eBay right now (wallet, cosmetic case and coin pouch last time I looked - tho that could have changed). And getting those could help hold me off from buying that darned checkerboard clutch wallet that is calling to me -- at least 'til the Nordies sale that's coming up ;) -- and -- bonus!! if I did that, it would then give me a great excuse to also buy a shadow bag to match the accessories! Brilliant, right? LOL

    I've noticed I can even veer from my obsession about the accessories when I start thinking about how I could buy another bag instead (TRENCHTOWN) which makes me think (TRENCHTOWN) that maybe I'm really just looking for a reason to buy more LAMB (TRENCHTOWN).... am trying my best to not make any rash decisions at least until THE sale... but it's tough, truly tough.

    Christina G
  13. ^lol! I know how hard it is to wait for the sales, but its always worth it! The Trenchtown on the other hand may sell out just as quickly as last year...so maybe you can splurge on something trenchtown.....:angel:

    I'm liking your idea for the shadow though :graucho:
  14. as for me.. i only have 2 lamb accessories.. 1 LS keypouch and 1 shadow clutch wallet.. i haven't use the keypouch and used the shadow wallet probably 3 times at the most.. why? laziness!! :lol:

    but i love me some trenchtown accessories.. if they ever come out again.. :yes:

    i agree with kwitthyy, if you're thinking to get some trenchtown, better get it now.. i'm not too sure that it'll last till the sale time..
  15. I guess I'm the oddball. I have one LAMB accessory...a lipstick key pouch that holds my keys and those little keychain versions of store cards. Other than that I use my LV Trunks & Bags Agenda to hold most of my stuff and I have a little Emilio Pucci card holder that holds my vitals (license, debit card, insurance, etc). If I had to match my wallet to all my bags I would go nuts.