L A Ink anyone?

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  1. Did anyone watch L A Ink last night? I sat and watched with my older nephew who follows Miami Ink. I'm not a fan of tattoos, but I must admit that some of their drawings are a work of art.

    Never followed Miami Ink, but got a glimpse of it last night when they booted Kat out. The owner was an a**.
  2. Yeah, Ami did her wrong. I think he got a tad jealous because the clients were asking for her. She's very talented. She and Garver made the show. Ami is just eye candy.

    I can't wait to see how her shop ends up.
  3. I am not into tats but the lead chick is just too cute to me(love her star tats on her temple). Watching epi online now.
  4. While I can't agree with the notion of Ami as "eye candy," it always seemed to me that the source of the conflict between him and Kat is that while Ami is undeniably very skilled, even talented, Kat is a flat-out, absolute, off the charts Artist. And because, but only partially because, she is so absurdly young, I do not hesitate to call her a genius.

    With the exception of Ami's mentor Chris, the other people in the shop fall just a bit short, or barely come up to, Ami's skill level.

    People say, and I think they're right, that one of the marks of a truly great artist as opposed to a mediocre one - or a poser - is that while the latter is more comfortable working and surrounding themselves with people whose abilities and gifts are less than their own, thus making them the "best" in whatever group, show, etc, they are in, the former, the great artist, will do the opposite - deliberately and actively seek out those who are more talented, more skilled, than they are - thus making them, in any given situation, the one with the best and most golden opportunities to learn and improve!

    That was the conversation at Puff Palace last night as we watched Kat, like the most regal of her jungle-dwelling namesakes, stalking and pouncing on her prey - determined to seize the best and most spectacularly talented people to work in her own shop!

    I predict that "The Kat Show," as we have affectionately named it, will blow pompous old Ami out of the ratings water. And yes, partly because tattoo shows always have a lot of male viewers, and male viewers have been known to also enjoy shows that feature pretty girls in tank tops, but I think we will see a lot of those guys watching it the first time for the tank tops, and the second time for the art!

    On an utterly superficial trivia note, can anyone tell me what color Hannah's eyes are? Maybe it is our venerable old TV set, but we could not even get to the point of arguing about the color, neither of us had a clue, but we both agreed that her eyes are as beautiful as her work!
  5. I totally agree! Ami is hot, but what a jerk he ended up being to Kat! Her portrait work is stunning, I am really happy for her and hope it works out. I am sure she will be a huge success. I was surprised to learn that she got divorced, she and her husband seemed like a good match.
  6. I caught about 10 minutes of it. I totally forgot about it, stupid me I didnt record it:cursing:, Ill catch it on re-run. I :heart: Kat, she is such an amazing artist.
  7. Shimma....excellently well said!!

    On another note...Kat sure has been losing weight...she looks hot!

    Her shop takes walk - in's...I think I may just have to splurge on a tat from one of the artists...they all seem amazing.
  8. So I just emailed Hannah to see about getting tattooed by her while she is out here in LA.

    Keep your fingers crossed!
  9. ^^Good luck!
  10. I keep forgetting to watch the show! I've followed Miami Ink last season but I never finished it, thus I didn't know Ami kicked her out. I think Kat's work is amazing! And I'm not a fan of portraits! Will be Tivo-ing this :tup:

    Oh and Shimma, once again very well said! I think Chris Garver is the best artist of them all. I actually have a far-fetched dream of getting tattooed by him someday.
  11. I love Kat, she is an amazing artist. I havent seen the show yet but I am sure It'll be great. I love Miami Ink as well, I love Garver too.

    I tought I will post some pictures for her fans, like me ... lol



  12. My boys think she's 'hot.' lol... I was reading her bio, quite interesting. She was born in Mexico. Her parents were both born in Argentina. Her father is German and her mother is Spanish-Italian, the combination is striking - she has a beautiful face.
  13. love kat von d!
  14. I love her work-I am a big Miami Ink fan had the opportunity to meet Ami and Chris Nunez at their bar Love-Hate last month. The whole thing between Kat and Ami was 85% for the cameras...go to Tom Green's website to see a 1 hour interview with Kat-she and Oliver got divorced and she talks about MI and the whole thing w/Ami. Hannah is a better artist IMO but Kat totally rocks!