L.A. help

  1. Hey everyone,

    I'm heading to L.A. tomorrow for a few weeks. The point of this visit is to pretty much decide if I want to move there in eight months after I'm done school. Can anyone recommend places I should go, things I should do, etc. to really get a feel for the city and help me make my decision? I'm open to all kinds of suggestions. Thanks for the help.
  2. Do you have any idea of where in LA? Might help narrow down some ideas to give you.
  3. Old Town Pasadena is really fun - there's lots of shopping and great places to eat.
    3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica is another great shopping place. I'll try and think back more on our last trip to LA and see what I can recall ;)
  4. Do you mean where I would be living? Most likely Westwood, since I would still be a student, but I'm not entirely sure.
  5. Thanks, I'll be sure to check those out :smile:.
  6. There are alot of things to do and see in LA:
    Getty Museum (great view of LA and beach, wonderful architecture by R. Meier)
    Getty Villa (Malibu)
    Norton Simon Museum
    Huntington Memorial Library and Gardens
    Observatory in Los Feliz

    Main Shopping Areas:
    The Grove (Fairfax and Third)
    Beverly Center
    Rodeo Drive (NM, Saks, and Barney's on WIlshire Blvd)
    Century City Mall
    Hollywood and Highland (http://www.hollywoodandhighland.com/)
    Third Street Promenade
    Old Town Pasadena

    Smaller Boutiques:
    Robertson Blvd
    Sunset Ave

    If you want to catch a flick, go to the Arc Light Theater in Hollywood. Seats are assigned and there is a nice restaurant inside.

    What are your interests? There is so much to do in LA esp eat, shop and relax.
  7. If you will be living in or around westwood, be warned that you want to get an apt. with parking as street parking is horrible.

    Avoid Wilshire during rush hour time, it's worse than the 405 fwy at times.

    But as far as things to do and see in LA....assuming you will be renting a car, b/c really, "nobody walks in LA!".... then all the suggestions above are great....

    The thing about LA is that there are so many "one of a kind" places, great hole-in-the-wall restaurants etc.

    But some of my fav places to eat....
    1. Andre's (3rd & Fairfax) in the KMart shopping center - great italian food at super low prices
    2. Ocha - several locations - Thai food
    3. King Taco - closest would be near USC
    4. Tommy's - closest would be on Lincoln and Pico in Santa Monica
    5. Don Felix - Peruvian in Silverlake
    6. Cha Cha Cha - 2 or 3 locations, but my favorite is in Silverlake, they have Yucca fries - caribbean
    7. Bambu - LA - Venice Blvd. - Brazilian - best mojitos
    8. Versailles - best Cuban food

    PM if you need anything else...I was born and raised in LA!
  8. ^^I love Cha Cha Cha! It's SO good.
  9. Oh yes...and even more reasons why you cannot live in LA without a Car...

    Portos Bakery in Glendale or Burbank - cuban - meat pies, potato balls, eclairs...OK...getting hungry again!

    More restaurants:
    Republic - on La Cienega north of Melrose Ave - best mac 'n cheese ever
    Magnolia's - on sunset blvd - good and trendy, near arclight theatres (best theatres in town)!!!
    Don Compadres - on sunset blvd...cheesy "flaming" margarita, but good food!

    Don't you just love the Sangria too at Cha Cha Cha's Lvbabydoll. and the chocolate flan...or the bread pudding?!?!

    Oh there is also, Johnnie's Pastrami on Sepulveda and Washington toward Culver City - mmmmm so good, Pinks on Melrose - best hot dogs
  10. You guys are amazing. I'll try to check out as many of those as I can. As for interests, I know this is vague, but I'm open to anything right now. I just want to explore the city I guess.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. If anyone has any more, please let me know!
  11. For exclusive shopping, hip and very special resturants....go to sunset blvd where crescent hights meet.....the bakery "see mary janes" is awesome!!

    Then there is of course rodeo drive...

    For mall shopping..there is century city, grove, beverly center...

    Then there is Roxbury ave, Robertson Ave for wonderful resturants and small boutiques...this where the "IVY" resturant is with all the star sightings....

    Brentwood, is near UCLA and has alot of cool places, resturants.....

    Also..near the ocean...try malibu, laguna beach, marina del rey....all have very nice places to laze around and great returants.....
  12. Mmmmmmmmmm gonna try Republic for the Mac N Cheese, we're always on a quest for the best ........ Thanks angel!
  13. Another good shopping place it Montana Blvd. in Santa Monica.

    For cupcakes there is Dainties or Sprinkles

    If you have never been to LA you can go to Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood and Highland has some okay shopping.

    Have a great time.

    If you need any more suggestions feel free to ask.
  14. Beljwl.. I wouldn't even be surprised if I have run into you in the past. :p

    I love Cafe Montana on Montana Blvd. Great Food and Desserts. I'm there every week~!:heart: I still haven't tried Dainties yet. I heard Father's Office has the best hamburgers which is down the street. Porto's is also yummy... Potato Balls with ground meat:drool::drool::drool:

  15. I don't hang out on Montana very often. The only time I am there is when I get my hair done.

    One way to know it is me is I always have my dog with me. And most of the time I am pushing him in a doggy stroller.

    I also have heard great things about My Father's Office but have never been there. I want to try it.