L.A.Candy *Lauren Conrad*

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  1. Discuss! Lauren Conrad junkies!

    I loved the book even though it was a simple and silly read. I wish she had the other 2 out so we didn't have to wait!

    Anyone want to decode her book characters?:biggrin:
  2. Hannah = Whitney

    LOL but that's an easy one!!
  3. I just finished the book half an hour ago! Started it yesterday and sadly could not put it down despite the cheese. Braden and Jesse both seem like mish mashes of different boys. I do wonder if characters were influenced by her friends off the show since we don't know much about those people in her life. I did not care for Scarlett's "I'm smarter than everyone and the world bores me" attitude which for some reason I can kind of see in Lo (I don't have anything to back me up, just vibes)... but whether there's any truth in that is totally up for discussion. Looking forward to hearing what others think though! :smile:
  4. I think within the 4 main girls that are the stars of L.A. Candy it kind of incorporates bits and pieces of her friends but it doesn't totally match them.

    I don't remember exact phrasing of what I read but I remember thinking that what I thought a character was at first, as I read on my opinion changed.

    (I know that was a confusing explanation)
  5. I bought the book and then got strep throat the next day so I ended up reading it in about a day and a half. I liked how it was a fun, easy read. I thought that everyone had a little bit of each of them in them. So then you can't really say that one person is really someone from The Hills.

    Oh wow that made no sense, lol.

    I wasn't too impressed with the ending... I heard the second book is February of 2010, is that true? That's so long to wait to hear what happens!
  6. Im reading it now and loving it. so much fun but I cant tell who is who.
  7. That's exactly what I thought too.
  8. Lauren is on the New York Times Best sellers list! GREAT JOB
  9. I'm 230 pages in and while I think it's a fun, light read, it's annoying that she moves from different point of views in every chapter. I'd rather her pick one POV and stay with it through out the whole chapter. Other than that, it's fun to guess who each character resembles in real life.
  10. Great read, could"t put the book down till i finished, isn"t alot of the petty selfishness around us everyday? Co workers.
  11. Madison is Heidi (as in the selling stories and being a fame whore)
  12. lauren didnt write the book herself did she..?
  13. I think she did.
  14. yes she did
  15. ^^ didn't she have a ghost writer? I'm not exactly sure what that means LOL.