L.A. area (Del Amo mall in Torrance) Macys Toki update

  1. Macys:
    They had lots of tutti giocos and stellinas. Some bambinones, 3 ciao ciaos, a couple of zuccas, a few canguros, several buon viaggios, a couple of portatelephonos, and a scuola. No ciaos, mamma mias, or caramellas. They also had some bianco, fuma and black ones left over, as well as a couple of spiaggia (forgot which styles, I was concentrating on the display of tuttis!).

    Macys West (the converted old Robinson's May):
    No Tutti, but had a few Famiglia and Spiaggia on display. The clearance tables had a bunch of Adios Star, Pirata, marked at 25% off.