Kyoto line

  1. Can anyone help me out and tell me if the Kyoto line has ever been faked? I'm not bidding on either of these, I just wanted to show pictures of what I was talking about. I'm in love with this line, it's sooo gorgeous and I want to buy one eventually, but I'm scared of fakes :sad:

    So if anyone knows, tell me! Thanks!

  2. I dont think so, but dont quote me on it. I've seen what they have of the Kyoto line on eBay and most of it looks pretty good compared to what I have. I have/had the clutch/coin purse in gold --

  3. I've been told by those who went to New York that there are fakes of everything you can imagine of. That's a pretty expensive line so I would check all points of authenticity before even bidding. Even when you think there has never been a fake made, ask for more pictures cause you never know.
  4. Yes i have seen the line with fakes but the pictures you listed do not look like what i saw
  5. exactly!
  6. I've seen fakes of the kyoto line, but they have been really OBVIOUS fakes. Those look good! :biggrin:
  7. that bag looks authentic to me. it looks similar to my bag(except for the pattern).

    Isn't the kyoto line discontinued?
  8. ^^ :wtf: that pattern is gorgeous
  9. thanks anotheremptysky! I :love: it. Should use it more often, but it's too small for me.
  10. Yes it is. It's a limited edition.
  11. I'll take it off your hands if you want! ;) Just kidding, kinda. But really, that bag is BEAUTIFUL!
  12. I LOVE THE KYOTO LINE!!! But didn't know there are fakes for that style.
  13. It is discontinued however a few have shown up at the outlets every now and then. Not sure how or why though.
  14. OMG that blue flower tote is gorgeous...when did this line come out? Where was I???
  15. Thanks Valeroo22 & Pursefanatic85 for the nice compliments.

    I got this bag 2 years ago. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but didn't they launch this line for the grand opening store in Japan? I'm not too familiar with Coach, but I read it somewhere.