Kylie quits in middle of concert as she falls ill

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    Fresh fears have emerged over the health of Kylie Minogue after she was forced to quit a concert midway through suffering from flu.
    The future of the Australian singer's UK tour hangs in the balance after she was stricken by the infection alongside other backstage crew members.
    Miss Minogue's spokesman denied the health scare was linked to her recent battle with breast cancer.

    However there are concerns that her immune system may not be working at full strength following her treatment for the disease, and that she may have started work too soon after her recovery.

    No decision had last night been made on the remaining four dates of the singer's Showgirl Homecoming tour at the Manchester Evening News Arena, which run from tonight onwards.

    Venue chiefs said that since they had not yet officially been told that the singer would not perform, they were advising fans that the shows would go on until they heard any different.
    Saturday night's performance was the first time Miss Minogue, 38, has ever had to interrupt a live show during her lengthy career at the top of the charts.

    She cut short the performance after just nine songs - 45 minutes into a two-hour set.
    She emerged 10 minutes later with sister Dannii and sang a duet but then abandoned the show to the disappointment of fans, who included Manchester United players Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney with girlfriend Coleen.
    She had told the audience she wasn't well when she first appeared on stage, saying: 'I must apologise because I can't sing all the words tonight.
    'I've got a cold and I'm struggling a bit. Do you mind if I just stand here and pose all night?'.

    On stage the previous night, she had apologised to the audience for her voice. She joked to the crowd: 'I am sorry about my voice. I've got a cold. That's what happens when you come from sunny Australia to England.'
    A spokesman said there was no link between her current ill-health and her recent battle with breast cancer.

    'Kylie is suffering flu, as are other members of the tour group, including her manager. It is not linked to her breast cancer,' the spokesman said.
    A statement on the MEN website said the tour party's 'worst fears' had come true when Kylie became ill.
    She told fans just before the interval that she only had a cold and didn't want to cancel the show because she had been looking forward to it for so long.
    Sadly, she has to stop mid-concert and apologised to fans before cancelling the rest of the show.
    Her spokesman added: 'She didn't want to let anyone down. She wanted to try to get through the show, but had to cut it short.'
    Audience members had noticed the pop star was suffering from a heavy cold but one said she remained the 'ultimate showgirl'.
    Wayne Warby, of Blackburn, Lancashire, wrote on the MEN website: 'What a triumphant return. Although you could tell Kylie was suffering from a sore throat, this didn't dampen the mood or the performance one bit.'

  2. I hope she's going to be ok :heart:
  3. Oh I hope she's alright! I was happy to see her recovering from breast cancer so well.
  4. Oh no. I hope she is okay..
  5. Kylie's in my prayers!
  6. I think she just wants to take things reaally easy so nothing stresses her body anymore. I wish her all the best and she can take all the time she needs.
  7. My brother was at that concert!
  8. All that touring and traveling is grueling. Throw in major weather changes (summer in Aussie land to winter in UK) and you are prone to catching something. Every once in awhile you just get hit with a bug. I'm sure it was heartbreaking for her to end the concert early but she is so positive and good natured and adores her fans so you know it was not an easy decision. She'll bounce back in no time I'm sure!
  9. Oh gosh, poor thing. I hope she'll be ok. I love her she look so nice.:crybaby:

    It's a Cancer is a F... think, she's faboulous trying to come back after that, so soon, her body must be so tired.

    treatment for such a disease is so heavy.
  10. Wow, she must be ill if she stopped her show.
  11. :sad: I hope she is OK.
  12. I think she is doing abit too much, too soon, but her agent assured everybody in the press today that it is flu, and that her band and stagecrew are also sick with it. It has no connection to her cancer.

    I wish she would take it abit easier, but it seems that she needs to do these concerts, its what kept her going during recovery?
  13. I hope so as well:heart: