Kylie Minogue Thread

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  1. I love this bag Kylie Minogue is carrying...I love her nail polish too! :love:

    Does anyone know what this bag is? Thanks!
  2. That's a big bag!
  3. i think that's a miu miu, but i'm not totally sure....
    where's her hair??is it because of the tumour or is it just an hair change???!!
  4. yes, def a miu miu!
    this style, but all in white!
    ( i love this one indeed!;))
  5. She had chemotherapy which, in most cases, cases you to lose your hair. This is all that's grown back.
  6. What happen to her hair!!!!!:blink:
  7. God bless this woman! I hope she is doing well!!!
    Here are some HQs of the bag! Isn't it GORGEOUS!!!:love:

  8. Thank you everybody! I'll look around at Miu Miu bags to see if I can find this...I have never liked this many Miu Miu bags before!

    Yes, Kylie had breast cancer & is now recovering...I think she looks gorgeous! Her skin is beautiful...I love the sunglasses too...anyone know what they are? ;)
  9. OMG!:amazed: Thank you for posting this. I didn't even know she had cancer.
  10. she had breast cancer
  11. How much is this bag?
  12. I think she really looks great!
  13. Yes, I love Kylie and I think she's recovering from the illness with great energy. I also appreciated the fact that she is appearing in public with her short hair, she's not hiding herself and this is sign of inner strenght!
  14. yes, i really admire her strenght!!
    and her look is not bad at all!;)
  15. I think thats a hogan bag........
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