Kylie Minogue For Australian Vogue

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  2. Who ever did her hair and make up should be ashamed, she is so pretty....but these snaps do nothing for her :sad:
  3. Uhhh, I agree. I think she looks best on the cover where her hair isn't hanging in her face. And the cover gives her Hilary Duff teeth! But we know she's beautiful!;)
  4. She looks great!
  5. She looks great!!! God bless her!
  6. She is much more beautiful than these photos. They look awful. The second one she looks like Justin Timberlake. :yucky:
  7. After all she has been through, I hate to think so superficially too, but in the blue costumes, her hair does look really bad.

    Still love her though ;) she is gorgeous. She just, to me, seems nicer when she is more natural and not so made over like these piccies
  8. I don't particularly like the pictures or her hair but considering what she has been through she looks good!
  9. i love her. i can't wait for the next album she comes out with.:yes:
  10. Me neither!!!! I'm a big fan of her!
  11. Love Her!!
  12. she doesnt look good!,she is much prettier usually. I dislike her makeup,and her eyebrows. Those pictures were airbrushed WAYY too much
  13. love her sooo much .. she looks OK IMO .. not that bad
  14. don´t like the pictures.. she is so beautiful but somehow they managed to make her look very ugly. and too much photoshopped in my opinion.
  15. Yeah I agree..she's a very pretty woman and what they did to her is bad..horrible makeup and clothes. this just doesn't suit her.
    but it's great to see her in good health so that's all that matters! :smile: