Kylie crossbody

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  1. Hello ... Any proud owners of the Kylie crossbody? Please let me know how you like the bag. I am looking into possibly buying the cornflower color with silver hardware ... Looks beautiful online.
  2. I just ordered this is cornflower yesterday :smile: I'll take pics when it comes. It looks really cute, just hope I can fit more than 2 things in it!
  3. I have the acid green kylie and love it. I use mine for kid events, errands or anytime I only need to carry the basics. I carry my cards, phone, keys and small bottle hand sanitizer.

  4. Oh that sounds like the prefect size! Now I'm really excited to get it :smile: Thanks for the info!
  5. Can't wait to see pics!
  6. So I just called my store and they do not have the Kylie in cornflower. But the manager said we can order that for you, no fee for ordering in the store and free shipping ... Is this right? Sounds too good ... I thought u had to spend at least $150 to get free shipping and I thought there was a $10 fee for ordering in the store.
  7. My store has ordered big and small stuff for me for free before, I think the SAs can waive the shipping fee.
  8. I see ok that's awesome. Thanks for the response.
  9. I have the Kylie in rouge. The strap is adjustable, and can be removed so you can also use it as a large wristlet/clutch. I love the fact that it can be used many ways. I plan on taking it on vacation!
  10. Thank you for the comment. Now I really want one!
  11. I thought I posted on this thread last night?
  12. I don't have one, but I want one! It's like a slim wallet or a large wristlet on a chain if that helps with size. It has built in card slots, so no need for a wallet, just enough room for keys, lip gloss, maybe sunglasses if they aren't too large. HTH!
  13. I swear I posted where someone had a link to the bag, but anyhow, the color with the silver is beautiful and now that I'm reading about the different ways it can be worn, I'd say it would be a fabulous bag to have! You'll love it!
  14. I found where I posted and noticed that you saw my post! Glad I could help and wish they had them in store for you! Can wait to see a reveal from you and Kmiller!
  15. Just got back from the store. I ordered this beautiful bag thru the store, free shipping plus 25% off. Should get here by Wednesday. I can't wait. Will post pics as soon as I get it. Im a little nervous getting it mailed. I almost always buy in person. I always inspect everything. But I have a store near by just in case. Thank you all for the input. The cornflower is sooo beautiful.