Kylie arriving @ her home in London *PICS*

  1. God bless this woman! She looks amazing!
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  2. aww i love Kyles.. the poor darling
  3. Wow...she looks great!
  4. yay kylie!!

    yay for no more cancer =)

    and Yay for show girl tour!
  5. yes, Congrats on her new tour and for kicking Cancer!! :smile:

    She looks awesome!
  6. I love Kylie, I'm so glad she recovered, and she looks so stunning in those pics!
  7. I totally agree, she is an inspiration and I really admire her attitude.
  8. I'm glad she's doing well, she looks fab.
  9. I loveher jacket! She looks great!
  10. She looks gorgeous.
    I love her :smile:
  11. she looks fab!
  12. she is fabulous! I love her and now admire her even more for her courageous defeat against cancer! ROCK ON, KYLIE!!!
  13. She looks amazing. She's such a strong person and I'm so glad she recovered.
  14. She is a survivor!
  15. She is so beautiful. Love her outfit =)