Kylie and Christy choose Chloè

  1. I love love love :love: Chloè s/s 2006 collection, so I am happy when a celebrity chooses to wear something from that collection. Recently both Kylie (who's recovering from a breast cancer) and Christy Turlington have been spotted with Chloè outfits. What do you think of the collection?
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  2. I love Chloe....have bought a few pieces, mainly trousers and tops

    That dress really suits Kylie, she looks so 60s in it. Just shows what a pretty face she has...
  3. I have a Chloè shirt, which is one of my favourites! It has got a bow in front, right on the front collar (something like this), it is sooo old-fashioned but I love it.
  4. The dress does suit Kylie quite nicely.
  5. The dress on Kylie is spot on fantastic!! It looks awesome. I don't think the outfit on Christy translates well from the runway.
  6. The outfit looks great on her! I would love to own some Chloe outfits, but I don't think I can afford it right now
  7. They both look gorgeous!! I love Chloe!
  8. Kylie looks so beautiful in that dress. I really don't like how Christy looks though. But Chloe clothes are pretty
  9. Kylie LOVES Chloe! I think she looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  10. Kylie justl looks effortlessly stylish... so cute
  11. Kylie looks the best and her shoes look better than the runway shoes IMO.
  12. Kylie looks great in it!
  13. Yeah, have to agree, Kylie won that round!
  14. I love the SS06 Chloe collection too...and Kylie looks great :smile:.

    Christie is really beautiful,but that outfit isn't terribly wearable at all.
  15. yes, they both look great and their outfits are perfect!!!