1. There are a few 7-11 locations that have been remodeled into a KWIK-E-Mart like the one from the Simpsons.

    Has anyone went?!

    I am planning to stop by the one in Los Angeles tonight or tomorrow.
  2. I went a few days ago. Its pretty neat, they didnt have much 'Buzz Cola' or any of the other things left though.
  3. i'm planning on going this week. hopefully today if my friends agree to go with me. good thing there's one near my place in Burbank, CA. i'll post some pics if i do end up going. :smile:
  4. Would love to go - but haven't seen any 7-11's in Aus transformed.
  5. Chicago was one of the cities picked, but I've only seen the store on TV and in local papers. It looks so cool. Even the owner was wearing his "Apu" badge. I'd love to see it but it's pretty far from my house. My son is addicted to the "Homer" donut though. I've already taken him to our local 7-11 twice to get one.

  6. I can't wait to see one. If you gals are Simpsons fans you really should check out this month's Harper's Bazaar.
  7. I really want to go. My boss went to New York last weekend and he got me a can of Buzz Cola.
  8. I bought two cans of Buzz Cola. (I drank them both, but washed out one of the cans and it's now on my bookcase).

    I also got Homer's pink frosted donuts.

    Next, I really want a box of Krusty O's but I keep missing them.
  9. Ours isn't remodelled but it has a bunch of the products- Squishys, Krusty-O's, Buzz Cola, the doughnuts, etc.

    It's really cute! There was a huge line at the Squishy machine!
  10. I like the one in Manhattan.
  11. I went a couple of weeks ago. The only one in Canada. It was sure packed!!
  12. ^^ There's no 'only' one, there's one on Bay Street and one on Yonge and Eglinton.
  13. I thought they were doing this with all of them. Does anyone know where the one in Manhattan is??