Kwanpen & Nankai Croc bags


Apr 20, 2008
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Hi eoel,
This is my first post ;0)
Tot I can contribute something ;)
YA I got a Kwanpen Red Croc Wallet - bought it in Hong Kong 2 yrs ago
:heart: it, still using it now.

I think both brand are Singapore brand? :wlae: But Kwanpen is more international as they have retail shops in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Korea etc
Check out :tup:

What bags are you looking for?

hb hweebin tan

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Sep 26, 2009
From wat i know, Nankai pricing is more than just reasonable.

Although their only have 2 stores in singapore, but their bags are purchased by not only local but also international professional, celebrities as well as the royalties.

Just brought a few of my friends to their store and they are really amused by the price they are offering with the kind of quality they are produced.

U have to go explore and feel it for urself. This is really making the luxury an essential with their young professional range.

You have to go see, touch and feel. U will agree with wat i say.


Apr 18, 2006
I just heard about this brand, did a search, and find this thread. I am totally inlove with this one! :nuts: