Kwanpen bags?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone knows of Kwanpen bags. They have shops all over Singapore and Asia selling really beautiful reptile skin bags, and I saw some TDF kellys and birkins in croc leather on display. They don't say "Hermes", of course, but they're exactly the same design.

    Does anyone own them? Would you buy them over Hermes?
  2. If I want a Kelly or a Birkin, I would buy only Hermes. If I want an exotic leather bag, but don't want to spend the $$ on Hermes, I would look for a completely different (and original) style. Just my opinion.....
  3. I've actually seen them. They're really good quality and well-made. I was sooo.....tempted cos they're only around $4500 for a 28cm kelly (slightly cheaper for a birkin). And the croc colors are so beautiful! But since I'm focusing on my Hermes bags for now, I'm not buying anything else.
  4. Thanks but no thanks :throwup:
  5. I know that brand,too! They are not cheap either! Their croc. Birkin-look-like bag is about ~$13000-~$14000USD for's MUCH cheaper than Hermes 35cm croc. Birkin BUT if I am going to spend like~$13000-~$14000, I want a real thing by adding more money to that amount!
  6. GASP! It's that much? I thought the birkins are even cheaper than the kellys.
  7. One of my friend really wanted Hermes croc. Birkin, but she was short financially to buy one. So, She bought Kwanpen birkin shape croc. bag for REALLY ~$14000 USD (with current currency exchange rate) for 35cm size.:wtf: :s :shrugs: It's pretty...but I would not buy it for myself...just 'NO'...:s
  8. I won't buy them. Though it's not fake, I don't feel comfortable carrying one at an event when others are carrying the Hermes birkin. I won't mind purchasing their other styles which had no reference to any luxury fashion houses.
  9. Thank you everyone. Here're the ones I want. The SA sent me photos. Please let me know your views! Should I get one?

    This one in pink:


    Or this one in black:

  10. Wow!! They're gorgeous! :drool: :drool:
  11. wow ,both look good
  12. This is my very personal opinion but if I were you I would not go for the Kwanpen bags but take that money and buy an authentic Kelly in leather instead. 4,5K is a lot of money to spend on a bag and if you spend it on a Kelly - even though it is not exotic - you get more for your money, especially in terms of resale value. An Hermes Kelly will retain her value. I am not sure how much a Kwanpen could be resold for but my guess is that it won't be much.
    This is my very personal opinion. Everybody is of course free to carry the bag that they feel like carrying.
  13. hi ARIUN,

    how much are these bags?

  14. hi ARIUN,

    how much are these bags?

    coz i know a reputable seller who sells AUTHENTIC HERMES BIRKIN AND KELLY at a very reasonable price .

    Wont go for KWANPEN though....
  15. That's true. I'm thinking that for $4500, you could top up a little and buy a lovely Hermes kelly.