Kusama yellow ribbon: not in Europe?

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  1. Hi again!

    So I was pretty stoked on the Kusama second launch, as some of you may know. But sadly for me, I didn't receive the yellow dotted tissue and ribbon on any of my purchases. When I asked about getting some after the fact, I was told it is not available in Holland.

    So I went to France this past weekend, bought something else (another story) and was informed that "it was decided not to produce the yellow wrapping for the collection." I explained that I've seen it, and the SA looked genuinely shocked. She had also heard it was supposed to be beautiful. But she said that it had not been distributed in France, and she feared the rest of Europe wouldn't get it either.

    So now I'm wondering if the only people who got it are US tPFers or if there are also Europeans amongst you. Let me know, because I'm desperately trying to get my hands on some and don't know where to look anymore. After coughing up a few grand, you'd think some ribbon would be a piece of cake to toss in there. Sigh.

  2. Did you get any ribbon at all on your packages? The yellow ribbon is so pretty. I was a little bummed when mine was wrapped in the white and red dot tissue and ribbon. The yellow ribbon pattern looks so much more Kusama. Oh well! Did you find the agenda you were looking for?
  3. Oh... that would be a disappointment... We got the yellow ribbon and tissue paper here in Japan... Let me know if you'd like some and I'll send you some of mine!! Goodness knows I have enough of it...
  4. Can someone let me in on the details of the second launch? I saw that the red keyholder was online yesterday, but by the time i logged on sgain today to stalk it it had already sold out.

    Im in usa btw :smile:
  5. if you can somehow send me a prepaid postage envelope I'll send you some of mine!!! I'm in canada and all the stores where I live had kusama tissue and ribbon.
  6. Sorry, I have been "very behind" the forums and times. Will there be a second launch? What items will be there? The Kusama is growing on me!
  7. I bought my kusama in the us, and all I got is a dustbag. :sad:
  8. i just don't understand why they don't automatically give the tissue and ribbon??!!!!! For all the money we spend on bags....we should not have to ask for any!!!!!I'm sorry you didn't get any!!!
  9. I got the ribbon but no tissue:cry: The tissue looks AMAZING :heart:
  10. I could only get white, which was kind of a bummer. I think it's beautiful but preferred the green for sure. I had to lecture my
    Mom about how she can't just throw her keys in her purse with it. And I completely banned her from carrying any kind of writing utensil in her bag unless it is in a separate zippered compartment. Welcome to LV, mom! Haha!
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    OK, I feel better knowing I'm not the only one. Though it's true that getting our hands on some packaging should not be an issue with the amount we spend. I mean I got two bags and a total of four SLGs! I want some ribbon! Haha :biggrin:

    Thanks for offers to share, ladies! That's true LV love.
  12. Thank you! So kind. I will PM you when I am home :smile:
  13. So sweet! I will PM you as soon as I'm home. :smile: