Kusama Vernis : Zippy Wallet OR Agenda?

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Kusama Vernis Red: Zippy wallet OR Agenda?

  1. Zippy Wallet

  2. Agenda

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  1. I finished work early yesterday and dropped by my fav store, LV.
    Wanted to view Alma and Brea in Beige Poudre before making a purchase on the weekend with DBF.

    However, when I was at the store Beige Poudre did not sing to me but Kusama items did. I wanted to bring the Kusama vernis red zippy home but thought of the agenda I wanted before and managed to talk myself out of it last month.

    So my question today, Zippy Wallet OR Agenda in kusama red/white dot?

    I am going to make a purchase today after work, i am inneed of some kusama in my life. If there is such a thing! :graucho: i am sure you all understand what I mean.

    After seeing all these Kusama reveals after reveals, I started to like many Kusama pieces especially the white NVF. Unfortunately, i just got a Totally Azur MM from DBF and both bag are white so i dont think i need another white Bag since Azur is pretty enough for a white tote. ( trying to talk myself out of getting the kusama white NVF) hahaha will see if it works or not. Wish me luck tonight!
  2. I would go for the zippy wallet.
    If you just want one piece I feel like this is the most functional :smile:
  3. Reveal?
  4. zippy!
  5. zippy
  6. Zippy! I bought the black and white Kusama zippy vernis and LVoe it! I am planning to use it as a clutch when I go out quickly for errands(and my iphone fits and zips in it) or on a date night with my hubby.
  7. I just rang the store to ask them to reserve the items for me. Unfortunately, it is the limited collection and only one of each item left in Sydney store. They wont be able to hold it for me. Hope it will be there when I finish work today. It will be a very long day for me.....
  8. The zippy wallet. GL with your decision. Let us know what you decide :smile:
  9. Zippy!
  10. Just got back from the store, I decided on the Zippy Wallet.
    I really love the red lining inside, happy Kusama purchase.
    Thank you everyone for your suggestion.
  11. glad you got the Zippy -- I love it!
  12. Congratulations, that's fantastic!!!
  13. Congratulations good choice, please post some pics :smile:
  14. Congrats!