Kusama Speedy Owners

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  1. My colleague and I were discussing thesr bags. In your opinion, do you feel women over 30 can pull this look off? Do you think this is a trendy bag or that you can see yourself wearing it down the road? Love to hear from ladies that have been carrying it!
  2. Defininetely! Why shouldn't they. I think that all depends just on your own style whether it suits you or not. In my opinion (in case of purses) that does not have something to do with the age (clothes probably yes...).
  3. I'm 52 and own the blue speedy. I do not feel they are trendy nor a certain age set. I also bought the red nf and that should be arriving next week. I think the colors are fresh and happy! They add pop to plain attire or will rock with jeans and boots topped off with a leather or suede jacket! Just enjoy!
  4. I'm waaaayyyyy over 30, and I'm rocking my blue Kusama Speedy, as well as my Graffiti Speedy and Watercolor Speedy -- no age limit for LV, IMO!!
  5. Prefacing here by saying I'm not over 30, but...

    I think it depends whether you're purchasing because it's cute and funky or as a piece of art. People that are purchasing it for the former reason are perhaps more likely to see it as something trendy and then get tired of it/feel it's no longer their style later on down the track. People that are buying it for the latter reason are always going to rock it! It sounds a bit corny, but I think that age is only a factor in what you wear if you let it be for brands like LV. It's not bright pink and covered in bows and glitter; it's an artistic item from a classic house and carrying something like that shouldn't be dictated by age. :smile:

    ETA: The woman I saw the other day rocking her yellow Speedy would have been in her 50s, I think, but it looked great on her.
  6. Not a Kusama Speedy owner, but really, I think it has less to do with age (as most things often do) and more to do with the person, the way they carry themselves, and their own personal style. Personal style is a much greater indicator of being able to "pull the look off" than age.
  7. I'm over 30, and I plan to carry my red speedy for many years to come! I've heard it said everyone needs at least one red bag, and the Kusama speedy is mine. I definitely don't think they look too young for those over 30.
  8. Love this!
  9. I think this pattern is going to become like the multicolor pattern very dated!
  10. I think if anything it will be more like the sprouse collection that's still very desired.
  11. I'm over 30 and I will be rocking my bag and them leggings...lol... I think age is just a number... If you like it, go for it...
  12. Hmmmm, I'm 35 and I bought one, so I hope I can pull it off!!! Lol
  13. You def pull it off!! You make me want a white one too!!! ;)
  14. Well I guess we will have to wait and see won't we, but personally I disagree with your comment
  15. I am 45 and never thought once that it was too "young" for me to carry. :smile: