Kusama Neverful. Keep, return, or hold and sell?

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  1. So I ordered a yellow Kusama Neverful from the website. It's beautiful. But it's really smaller than I thought. Now that I have it in my hands I think I can honestly say I don't see myself carrying it. So I was hoping for some advice.

    Do you think I should keep it. Just wait and see if I'll eventually use it? Just flat out return it and get my $$$ back? Or maybe hold on to it for awhile to see if I can sell it down the road for a few extra dollars? Right now they do not seem to be getting much $ on eBay and would be smarter to return it. But what do you think will happen to those prices as the months go on?

    Thanks for any input. I'm trying to decide sooner rather than later.
  2. I think you should return it. I don't see you making that much in the future by keeping it to be honest...
  3. I never buy to sell....I would return this bag if you don't think you will wear it. I know lots o folks try to look at their bags as investments but most of the time they are not. All of my LV bags are LE. I can certainly tell you that most are not worth what I paid (some nowhere near what I paid) according to prices at resellers these days....even those that are in new or like new condition.

    Hold on to it for a couple more days, if it doesn't grow on you, return it. You have several pieces already....so you won't be missing out.
  4. If you think that you will not use it, I would return it and buy something that you will really like. It is kind of a gamble with the $$ to know what the demand would be down the road to see if someone would pay the same or more for it. I would either return it and get my money back or exchange for something that you would like better and use. :smile:
  5. Return.

    I wanted the yellow nf too but I think I do better with a GM nf. Wish there is a yellow nf GM.
  6. Not to offend anyone but I'm not fond of the yellow. I, personally, would return it.
  7. I'd return it. I have the white NF that I'm thinking of doing the exact thing except I need to decide by tomorrow if I want to get my money back. I have the blue speedy and feel I am pretty content with that. I also just looked on EBay and counted at least 11 white NF's still sitting there, largely because of the ridiculous prices people are trying to sell them for.
  8. Good point...

    I actually really like the yellow! But I agree that I wish it was GM size. The size is really smaller than I thought. The MM really seems like a purse. Lol Which I guess it is! I just don't think I can pull it off. I think I could hold on to a GM and get some use out of it.
  9. personally i would return and get the money back.. and use it towards smth you would really love.

    I also think that kusama is nice but both speedy 30 and NF MM too small for my needs, so again when i have seen damier speedy b 35 believe me or not my heart was bumping so much, so not any other bag could do that for me well tbh Chanel black caviar does that too hahah:smile:))
    I decided to pass Kusama, and get the bags which i really love and will love for over 4 years and even more...
  10. Sell! You have that gorgeous keepall to satisfy your Kusama needs.
  11. Return if you don't think you will use it.
  12. I, too, would return it. Get something you really love and will use--plus you could make someone else who is looking for it really happy....although I think they are still available online:smile:
  13. I would return. Definitely get something you love, and someone else can have the opportunity to get a white Neverfull, which may be what they love.
  14. Return it. No sense keeping something you don't love.
  15. return it...