Kusama Insolite Vs. Zippy

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  1. Hi, guys and gals. I am facing a dilemma! I have two SLG from the Kusama collection that I am dying for and can't choose between.

    THe Kusama Monogram Wave Insolite


    THe Kusama Monogram Pumpkin Dots Zippy Wallet

  2. I have choosen the blue Kusama Zippy and am very happy with it. I read a lot about wallets and agree with others that the zippy might be more safe and functional:
    It has that zipper, less problems with bulging at least less problems with the coins compartment as no "I am not sure how those pressing buttons are called" which are to be found on the insolite. I actually find it more special that the print is on the outside of the wallet on the zippy which simultaneously reduce the obvious Monogramm pattern. And third I personally like the pumpkin dots better than the wave pattern. Hope that helps. If you are looking for photos, I have tons of the blue zippy in different light in my reveal thread. Good luck deciding! It is so hard because every piece is special!
  3. Zippy is my favorite LV wallet - and I love the Pumpkin Dots Kusama Zippy!
  4. zippy
  5. Zippy for sure. I want one in mono
  6. zippy
  7. I have had a zippy for five years now. I love this wallet. It's very functional and holds a lot.

    I love the Kusama Insolite because it has the monogram on the outside and pop of color inside. I was at the SoHo store in NYC earlier this week and saw this beautiful wallet. The monogram zippy will always be around, but the Kusama is a limited edition. Grab it while you can. I love the one with the red inside......super gorgeous!

    Good luck.
  8. Oh really? Can you post up the photos? I want the Zippy in yellow. Do you think it'll look nice?:smile:

    Me too...Especially in Yellow.

    I prefer the design of the insolite though..and now you open it up, a splash of colors just pop up.

    I like the Insolite as well because the normal insolite doesn't have the splash of colors inside like the Kusama does so its like special.

    I like the outside colors of the zippy how it has splashes of color but i don't really like the design of the Zippy.

    I totally agree. I want both a Zippy Kusama and Insolite Kusama. Do you think it's stupid to get both?:smile:
  9. They're both gorgeous wallets. I personally had issues with the Insolite in that small coins got stuck between the zip and the leather gussets -- they went in easily, wouldn't come out so easily, so I went with the Zippy in the end. If you can justify both, though, get both. :smile:
  10. Zippy! The colour and prints is so fun on the Pumpkin Dots one... Such a small accessory looks so great with the bright, different colour and pattern. LOVE IT!
  11. Wow -- I am always on the other side of the majority. I picked up the isolite in yellow yesterday -- saw them all at the boutique when I did, truly tempted by the white insolite but figured in the end it would get dirty too fast. Yes, you do have to be more careful with how you hold it/which side you put your cards on, but once I got used to that with my red one, I just love the heft of the isolite and I also find it much more convenient than something I have to zip all the time.
  12. I personally prefer the design of the Insolite than the Zippy...the Zippy just doesn't attract me that much.:smile:

    I like the waves better though...for the keychain for the insolite..then its the pumpkin dots.

    I had an insolite in multicolor with pink inside...I fell in love with the insolite design then so im thinking of getting the kusama insolite and another multicolor insolite with red inside cuz i gave my multicolor insolite to my sister since i have like 10 wallets and she wanted it...I wanted the red inside for multicolor but it was out of stock so had to get the pink.:cool:
  13. Why are you asking, then? It sounds like you know what you want! :P