Kusama Fail

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  1. Hi everyone- I am so upset about my most recent experience with LV I had to share and vent! I recently purchased the kusama agenda in green because I fell in love with it. I am a pretty loyal customer since 2004- as are many of you.

    Well- today- one of the tabs that open and close the binder broke off- and I am so upset! I ordered it online originally, since I live 4 hours from the closest store. I called and they told me I can take it back to a store, but the best bet is to send it in for them to assess and determine if the item is indeed defective (my sense it was code for "maybe you broke it")

    I sent it back today and have to wait a minimum of two weeks for them to assess the agenda. And, if they decide it is defective, they are not sure how they will remedy it for me being that I said I didn't want another.

    I am so upset- because it hasn't been 3 weeks and it is already broken, and on top of that LV may not take care of me based on their "assessment"? I am so upset- has anyone had bad or good experiences with handling any similar situations online instead of going to the store? I'm afraid the next time I hear from them will be in November :nogood::nogood:
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you but from my experience they will take care of it. They over quote on the time frame too so hopefully you will hear back sooner.
  3. I can't say about shopping online but I've returned a defective product in store. My sales associate took the bag from me, went into the back to show her supervisor before coming back with a brand new bag for me.. It all took less than 3 minutes! Im almost certain that they will give you a brand new one but I don't know why it will take 2 weeks just to access though.
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    That's long..
    I would have thought assessment is usually sameday? that's how it is in Singapore, where there is usually a technicl product specialist to assess it at the back of the store.

    Anyway, this is bad, less than 3 weeks??
  5. I've heard of other agendas that have defective rings/tabs -- I'm sure LV will take care of it for you. Keep us posted.
  6. I had the same thing happen to me with a vernis agenda. I ordered online as well. As soon as I pressed the tabs to put in the inserts, one popped off. I took it in to the boutique and they offered an exchange, which I rejected, and opted for the refund. They gave me no trouble whatsoever. I guess your best bet would be to open/close by the rings, not the tabs, should you decide to keep an agenda in your collection.
  7. Yes, it is upsetting that you have such experience. There is consumer protection law that it can be refunded.
    By the way, I love the Yayoi Kusama - LV collaboration. Brilliant print!
  8. Thank you for letting me know this!! I can breathe easier today...I sent it back to LV, but both the Reps I spoke with yesterday had a very negative tone to them- like they couldn't believe that the piece was defective. I've had little issues with my LV pieces before, but never this drastic. I can't believe who quickly/easily it broke!
  9. Thank you- I really hope you are right!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!
  10. It is so gorgeous- that is part of the reason I am devastated- the agenda is gorgeous- I was sad to part from it :sad:((
  11. Do a search for "agenda tab" in the Louis Vuitton sub forum and you'll see this seems to be a recurring problem. It'll provide some ammunition should LV say they've never heard of this happening...
  12. It won't be a problem. It was the first thing to go on my groom agenda and they replaced it for free. No worries...took about two wks to get back though
  13. Wow- thank you- you weren't kidding!!! I wish I had done research before purchasing it! I usually research on all my LV purchases too- but I let the "Kusama Effect" take over my better judgement on this one :sad: It looks like LV has been good so far to the people with issues- maybe the Reps just have to say the "assess" story as a legality (or atleast I hope!)
  14. Oh- thank you- that is good to hear!! I have a feeling the next few weeks it's going take for them receive and assess it I may have been a bit of a wreck! Thank God for TPF!!
  15. I am so sorry this happened to your agenda. I hope you'll have it back (or a new one) very soon. It's such a beautiful piece, I understand that it is hard to part from it. I would miss mine too if I had to let it go. I am sure that they will repair it or give you an new one. Keep us posted.