Kusama Blue speedy (worth buying it now or not?..) Please advise.

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  1. Hello ladies. The Kusama speedies came out in the fall-winter of 2012 (over 1 year ago) and were very popular back then (were selling very well). Since this was a limited edition speedy, it's discontinued now, but you can still buy one from reselling sites like Yoogi's Closet, Fashionphile, ebay, etc....etc.. (but the price is $200-$300 higher than was the original selling price,-- due to the limited and rate nature of this item). I still like the Kusama Blue speedy, but don't know how popular it is nowadays, and how it wears/quality/etc...
    Any owners of Kusama speedy,--- can you tell me from your experience,--have you been enjoying your Kusama speedy so far, does it wear well: (no patina on the handles yet? no scratches, scuffs, cracks, etc.? Just want to know about your experiences with Kusama speedy, and want to know if it's a good idea or not a good idea for me to buy one right now? Please help. Thanks.:smile:
  2. I love that collection but
    I feel it is still over priced
    and the blue kusama is worth the wait
  3. Love my blue beauty....no cracks concerns and she's carefree. Still get a ton of looks and compliments.

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    I'm probably a minority here.. but this collection never appealed to me. So I wouldn't pay a premium for it.
  5. I absolutely LOVE my blue Kusama Speedy. No one else has one in my area and I get compliments on it all the time. I haven't had any quality issues with it, either. I say get it if you love it.

    Good luck on your decision. Hope this helps.
  6. I am also lusting after a kusama but in yellow but I can't justify the prices I've seen them go for. It's truly a beautiful bag though.
  7. I'm with you.
  8. +1
  9. ehh im not a fan of this collection and would never pay the premium.
  10. Thanks everyone for your votes and opinions. Any more votes? "To get or not to get the blue Kusama Speedy,-- that is the question... " :smile:
  11. I also want this bag but I wouldn't pay more than $1300 for it in like new condition.
  12. I only liked the red and yellow but of course what matters is if you like it. I don't think it's worth the premium but I know this item is not easy to come by so if you love it, get it.
  13. I totally considered buying one with the sole purpose of re-selling it later for a profit. I guess I'll definitely do so on the next LE canvas speedy...if one ever comes out. :pout:

    As for paying the premium, it just depends on how badly you want it.
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    I had missed out on this collection and was not able to see it in a store. I ended up buying a speedy from Yoogis. I thought it was really pretty but I didn't LVoe it enough to keep it.
  15. I have it. No problems at all with it. I get it out every now and then. I get compliments on it. I was very excited to get it during all of the hype. I don't know if I'm as excited now, but I guess that's with any bag after a while!