Kusama agenda peeling after one use? Normal or...?


Jun 23, 2012
I just scored a pretty great deal on this green kusama agenda I've been lusting over it for like 3 months on evil bay and was authenticated here on TPF. The seller listed as preowned but when i received it today, it looked unused and slots are not stretched out yet so i was very happy with my first preowned purchase. I started using it right away and after a few hours, i noticed there are some minor peelings on the glazing, is it normal after one use? Its my first agenda, i understand it'll wear and tear over time but i feel pretty bummed that it wears out this fast already :sad: any opinions?


Mar 16, 2011
I got my agenda preloved on eBay. Granted its not Kusama and is from 2004, but I've had no issues with mine. I'm sure it's not normal. I've heard of bags peeling but not agendas. Do you have a picture?
Apr 14, 2012
New York City
Can you show us a picture?
I'm pretty jealous you got the green agenda - there were none left in my country and fashionphile wanted $699 for the one they had - so my partner got me the red one because I was so sad about it all. I love the red one nevertheless.

I think you're right about it wearing eventually, though it probably shouldn't with the prices we pay. My first wallet's glaze started lifting 3 weeks after I bought it. I took it back and they said it was normal wear and tear(puh-lease) and that it wouldn't get worse - this was true thank jesus.

Anyway, I think you have nothing to be worried about ^_^

I can't wait to see the agenda!


May 25, 2012
i'd say yes. I think what is peeling is where there is extra glazing. I got a DA 6 key holder and noticed for the first week a few pieces peeling off here/there. It wasn't actually coming from the edging but it was like the glaze had spread a little to the top/bottom of the canvas and those pieces were peeling off (you can see where there is extra if you look closely). Like I said, this only happened a couple of times during the 1st week I had it and hasn't occ'd since and that was about a month ago and I've used it daily since.