Kung Fu?

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  1. I'm considering starting up Kung Fu- there is a place directly across the street from me and I think at last I can make it work with my schedule. They offer two kinds though and I would love any advice- they have Southern Shaolin and Wing Chun.
    Do I have to fight people a lot? Can I achieve a black belt like in Karate or Tae Kwon Doe (I've taken both of those before)? Is it a really good workout and do you practice a lot at home?
    Thanks for any advice!:yes:
  2. Is there any way you can observe or try one of each? It's a little hard to say which style is better since it is also dependant on the individual. Tho I will mention that Wing Chun was started by a woman. As far as I know, Kung Fu doesn't have belt rankings in the way Korean and Japanese martial arts, but they do have ranking nonetheless. Some "Americanized" Kung Fu places do have belt rankings, but that's more catering to the clientele.

    Martial arts in general is more about body-mind-spirit so I doubt there is much sparring, and if there is, it should be controlled sparring, ESPECIALLY for beginners. It's very easy to practice at home. If you have a little free floor space, you can practice quite easily. You probably will want to practice at home, especially your forms. It's not unlike taking music lessons, and practicing at home in between lessons.

    It is a good workout because you're exercising both your mind and body. At the very least, your flexibility will improve, and your body will be more toned. :tup: