Kudos to JS ballerina flats!!!

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  1. I bought a cute pair of plain black leather Jessica Simpson flats today at Nordies....they are super smooshy leather...nicely made. She's got a whole range of flats that are very cute. I personally like them because they don't shoe my "toe cleavage" which I just don't like. I'll post pics later. The shoes are still in my trunk.....

    p.s. I saw the espadrilles too....very nice!!
  2. ^LOVE them! I almost bought them in white, but was afraid that the gray suede tip on the toe would get super dirty :sad:

    I agree--LOVE how they don't show toe cleavage!! :smile:
  3. Yes...toe cleavage is just gross...I didn't even know she had a line of shoes!! I almost got the white pair too...hmmm, maybe I'll have to go back!

  4. ooh i'd like to see picss!!
  5. I love some of her shoes. I have the barb not the cork heel and they are so comfortable. Congrats on your new shoes!
  6. I keep passing these by because they're Jessica Simpson. It seems silly considering that I love the styles.
  7. Believe me Purly...I'm 41 years old...how do you think I felt even asking the guy to bring them out for me...? So funny though because after some people saw me w/ them on, they started asking to try them on....they really are adorable AND they make me feel young too!!