Kubilaï Khan is ready for another reveal...

  1. I 've just found a pyramid of small orange boxes on my Piano:nuts:...

    And Kubilaï says he is ready:graucho:...
  2. Bring it on, kitty! :roflmfao:
  3. Im ready too
  4. I missed Kublai... where are his paws??
  5. Here kitty kitty kitty!!!!!!
  6. Waiting....:woohoo::girlsigh::popcorn:
  7. :okay::woohoo: Can't wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:heart:
  8. YAY! I'm on-line for a change! f5!!
  9. Here is the boy ... (sorry Transcendent1, he is acting like a star:supacool:... hiding his paws)
    and the 6 H goodies :graucho:...
  10. ohhh show us!!!
  11. mes cadeaux!!!!! Meoux!!!!! That is such a beautiful picture on the piano against the dark background!
  12. Work in progress...

    Work in progress.JPG
  13. 1- Porte-Cartes Guernesey in Raisin Chèvre

    Open and in action ;)
    Raisin Guernesey.JPG Raisin Guernesey open.JPG
  14. love it!!!
  15. Love it, and love Kublai too :heart:
    He is such a clever , gorgeous cat!!