Kubilaï Khan and I would like to thank Transcendent1

  1. This week I met a wonderful ladie:heart:...
    We had a lot of fun together:yahoo:!
    I don't want to reveal too much because she is such a great storyteller...we have to wait for her thread...
    but while we were saying good bye, she offered the most exquisite H gift...

    As usual Kubilaï Khan is doing the reveal...

    It seems there is something Orange here...

    Can I open it ???

    I had to kill this H ribbon first
    H.JPG H (1).JPG H (2).JPG H (3).JPG H (4).JPG
  2. LOL!!! Love Kublai Khan!!! How cute!
  3. Now let's see...

    H (5).JPG
  4. What a darling cat KK is! An a yummy orange box? Cannot wait to see what is inside.
  5. Very cute!!!!
  6. Aaaw, what a cutie! Love how (is it a he or a she?) opens the ribbon!
  7. Regarde FromParis, it's Notre Dame !!!
    Thank you so much Transcendent1 :heart: !!!

    Since you can't wear it (because you are still in PJ's:nogood:)...
    Let me tie it on your Birkin

    Mission Accomplie !!!

    Now I can sleep ...
    H (6).JPG H (7).JPG H (8).JPG H (9).JPG H (10).JPG
  8. a He :yes: !!
  9. That is sooo sweet and the scarf too :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:. How wonderful!!
  10. Hermes should consider hiring your cat for future print ads :graucho:
  11. Beautiful gift and darling Kubilai Kahn. You have him very well trained.
  12. What a lovely gift. Love the scarf and Kubilai is adorable.
  13. He might accept if he can be paid with H ribbons:lol:!
  14. Oh what a perfect pointu. It's beautiful and what a thoughtful gift!

    I have to say that your reveal was so entertaining this morning! It has to be one of the most creative reveals ever. I loved it!!!
  15. Thank you Ladies for your kind words !!!

    Kallie Girl :
    Thank you :shame:...You know Kubilaï is a natural born star:lol:...and he loves to do the H reveal ;) !!! Transcendent1 :heart: has really great taste...
    And this scarf is not the only proof of it ...that's all I can say for now :angel: :p ...