K's Handbag Collection

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  1. Since joining this site I have always loved the Handbag Showcase. I figured it was time to stop stalking, take some pictures of my own and join the conversation!

    A little about me: I have been a handbag lover well before I new a brand name. I know for sure I didn't get it from my mom, she is as utilitarian as they come, rotating just a few functional no-brands for as long as I can remember. For me, I think I gravitated toward the idea of organizing my necessities and carrying my them along with me stylishly.

    Aside from the bags I have now, I have bought and sold a few along the way. One of which was my first designer bag: a Coach tote I bought in 2008 when I was 22 after I got my first "real" job after college. It has taken a few years to refine my style (I am now 28) and edit my collection, but I think I've gotten to a place now where I can make quality purchases that will stay with me for a while.

    Without further ado, my current collection:
  2. Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 30

    Every girl's gotta have a Speedy, right? I bought my first Speedy (a DE 30, this same model) a couple years ago, but sold it to fund another purchase. I rationalized it at the time by telling myself it didn't fit with my style. The fact is, I think a Speedy fits with every girl's style! The bag is light, roomy and a great choice for rainy days with LV's famous coated canvas. The moral of the story: I won't make the mistake of letting this bag go again.

  3. Coach Rory in Cognac

    After buying my first Coach (first designer bag ever in 2008), I've had something of a love/hate relationship with the brand. My first bag was a tan leather bucket bag (unfortunately I can't remember its proper name), and after I bought it, all I could see were those canvas logo bags all over the place. Not a fan of logos myself, it just turned me off for the brand in general. Since then, I I have really loved the Legacy and Borough lines and feel very optimistic about the direction the brand is going.

    I love my Rory from the Legacy line and use it primarily for travel. I travel a bit now for work and Rory's size holds files, has a zipper for security and handheld/shoulder options for convenience.

  4. Alexander Wang Rocco in Black with Rose Gold hardware

    After seeing this Mary-Kate Olson with this bag a few years ago I obsessed over it for quite a while, drooling over pictures of her and some of my other style icons carrying it. I went back and forth for a while because my husband (who usually stays neutral on my bag choices) made a point to tell me how much he hated the studs on the bottom- my favorite part about the bag!

    Finally I just took the plunge and went for the black pebbled leather with rose gold hardware. Like a lot of he reviews say, it IS a heavy bag. I use it a lot on the weekends, but usually switch it out for a mini crossbody if I'm going to be moving around a lot.


  5. Balenciaga City Bag in Black with Regular hardware

    I bought my City back in 2012 and since then, it has been a weekend staple. I know Balenciaga is known for its beautiful colors, but I am a lover of black and had to opt for it for my first B bag. For my next Balenciaga, I would love to get a Part Time in a beige tone. I know, I know, really branching out there. ;)

  6. Celine Horizontal Cabas in Navy

    Like most women who love handbags, I love Celine. High-quality and minimal: the basic definition of what I typically look for in a bag. I've never been much of a fan of the Luggage Tote (I'm one of those people who can't see beyond the "face"), but I LOVE the Trapeze, and hope to acquire the dove grey version eventually. In the meantime, I love my Cabas. It's a great work tote that stands out among all the Neverfulls I see around the office.


  7. Cuyana Monogram Tall Tote in Black

    I have recently gotten turned on to the brand Cuyana's bags, clothing and philosophy via some of my favorite bloggers, Atlantic-Pacific and 9to5Chic. Cuyana preaches the idea of maintaining an edited wardrobe of quality pieces, an ideal I aspire to!

  8. Givenchy Lucrezia in Black

    I was saving for an Aubergine Antigona when I found this bag. I already had so many black bags in my arsenal and I really love Antigona's silhouette, it was the perfect buy. The problem is, I went to Barneys to pull the trigger and my beloved SA asked a key question that made me rethink everything: how does Aubergine go with your regular wardrobe? The answer: not at all! I wear a lot of neutrals and warm tones, it turns out, clashing awkwardly with the cool Aubergine. I then tried the Medium Antigona in Black, and realized how big it really is. My eye then drifted over to this Medium Lucrezia in Black, I tried it on and bought it right there. It's been in the regular rotation ever since!

  9. Coach Penny in Cognac

    I told you I liked Coach's Legacy line! I can't say enough about his mini crossbody. Its small and minimal, but the rich cognac color, turnlock detail and and double strap add enough interest to make it stand out. It came with the line's tassel and luggage chain, but I prefer a simpler look so removed both of those.


  10. Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Bag in Coral

    No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't take a picture of this bag to reflect its actual color. In person, it's a hard-to-describe hot pink/red color that I got for a great deal via Net-a-Porter. It's a pretty bag that pairs nicely with a lot of my neutral "going out" outfits. About half the time I use it as a clutch, the other half as a shoulder bag.


  11. Celine Large Trio in (you guessed it) Black

    This is by far my favorite weekend bag. In fact, I usually automatically switch my wallet and necessities over to it when I get home for work on Fridays. I've used the front pouch as a clutch a handful of times, but the delicate lambskin made me feel too nervous about oil transfer from my hands, so I now stick to the shoulder or crossbody options.


  12. Sophie Hulme Soft Buckle Bag in Black with Gold hardware

    Here is my daily workhorse bag. I follow 9to5Chic's blog religiously, which is where I discovered this fantastic designer. The size is great for work documents and the handheld/shoulder options make for a convenient carry. The added benefit is that I also get more compliments on this bag than any other bag I own. Hopefully that makes for a lot of new customers for this very talented designer!


  13. Coach Continental Zip Wallet in Saffiano Leather (Black)

    Inside my bag is usually this wallet. In fact, the only time I'm NOT carrying it is when I'm using my Sophie Hulme Envelope or Coach Penny. In those cases, I leave it out and assume the husband's paying! Now that I've had is wallet for so long, I think I'll stick to Saffiano leather for wallets and SLGs going forward, it's just to durable.

  14. And that's it! I hope to be sharing more soon. The two bags I'm hoping for next are a Chanel Classic Flap and a Prada Saffiano Lux Tote. I know I've got a ton of black already, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I want them both in that color!

    Thank you all for letting me share and peek at your collections in this forum as well! :smile:
  15. Beautiful bags! I love the descriptions and explanations you gave for each one. You have amazing taste! I can only imagine what your collection will look like in a few years. You've developed quite a collection in a relatively short period of time. Thanks for sharing! ::smile: