Kryolan.. anybody used this brand of cosmetics before??

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  1. i love this look!!!!
  2. I thought Kryolan was like face paint?... Like for clowns (or theater)? :confused1:
  3. this girl uses the black shadpw by them for a base for her duo chrome shadows and then uses other colors for make up looks :shrugs: i personally have never heard of it :shame: oh and hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii claire lol
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    heres some swatches..
  7. I use Kryolan all the time when i'm doing Theatre Make-up. It's super long lasting and the colors have amazing pigment.
  8. I use to use it. The colors are really intense! Especially if you put it on with a wet brush. I also love Ben Nye.
  9. I've always heard that brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan were more for theatre use. However, that doesn't mean you can't find other uses if you like the colors. I have heard some great things about Ben Nye eyeshadows.
  10. I've only used the individual lashes. They're great!
  11. kryolan have an AMAZING concealer...its a round compact with 3 colors (dark, yellow, and beige)...i use the beige as a concealer...i have yet to find a concealer that gives me the same effect...
  12. The shadows are wonderful but pretty hard to find.