Kristin Small Satchel

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  1. I'm thinking of buying this with my PCE. Does anyone have one and how do you like it? I love the blue smoke and brown.
  2. I have it in black and love it. I was surprised about how much it holds without looking packed. I think the Kristins look great in the small satchel because of the additional hardware on that style.
  3. I have the Kristen Satchel in Teal. It is alright, holds a lot but it is kinda heavy to me for a small bag. I get a ton of compliments when I carry it, but I will be honest it is not my favorite bag.
  4. I have the small satchel in violet. When I first saw it at the outlet I overlooked it because it looked so so tiny. But I went back and got it and have been using it for the last couple weeks. I absolutely LOVE it!!! :love: It's small, but it fits all my stuff very nicely....not overstuffed. And I really appreciate the two zippered sections and the front pocket to keep everything organized.

    I've read on tPF that some people can't fit their phones in the front pocket. I always wonder what kind of phone they have that won't fit??? It's a good size pocket-- over 4"x8", and it's not a flat pocket. Maybe I just misunderstood what they meant, but I keep my phone, gum, and keys in there with a little room to spare.

    I also really like the feel of the soft leather, and I haven't had any problems with scratching. I usually carry it by the handles, but appreciate the shoulder strap when I need to go hands free.

    I high recommend this purse!!!:P
  5. Does the satchel feel heavy on your shoulder when lightly full? I mean with wallet, makeup iPhone and keys? I'm short 5'4" and this size looks perfect on me.
  6. I LOVE mine.....I am 5'3" but use mine as a get the blue smoke too....currently have violet
  7. Mine doesn't feel heavy at all on my shoulder, it's quite comfortable. Maybe you should try one on with your stuff in it and see how it feels.
  8. Mine is not heavy either, that is always a deal breaker for me
  9. I just bought this bag in black today with PCE. I don't know how I missed the boat on this one, I love satchels and smaller bags and this one is perfect! Every time I saw it at the store it was so overstuffed that it looked odd and boxy. I finally took the stuffing out and I love it!
  10. The two seperate zippered compartments are SUPER nice! The outside pocket is nice for keys/cellphone - that kind of stuff. Love that bag! I'd recommend it!
  11. I have one in yellow and like everyone says, for a small bag it sure holds a lot! And the leather is super soft.. I've been using my LV purses more these days so haven't touch this bag in a while but that doesn't mean I don't love it and recommend it!
  12. I bought the blue smoke small satchel today! Love the color -
  13. I just bought this purse with my Macys VIP 20% off last week in the brown/brass combo. I haven't used it yet, but its sooooo pretty. Those of you that own it, what have you done to protect the leather? I want to make sure I do whatever first before I use it, especially because i live in the pacific northwest, aka rain central! :graucho:
  14. :bump:

    since we're about to become bag twins :happydance: i'd like to know too..