Kristin Shoulder Flap Question....

May 27, 2008
I've been considering purchasing the Kristin Shoulder Flap but because I don't live near a boutique I haven't been able to see it IRL. My concerns are how much can it fit and can it be used as an everyday purse?

I want it to fit the following: My gramercy patent large zip around wallet, LV small ring agenda, LV pocket agenda used as a checkbook cover, mini skinny, keys & cell phone.

Lately I've been trying to use smaller bags as my everyday bag and then for work I just carry my LV NF MM. I find this works well for me because then when I'm out for lunch or after work I'm not digging through my tote looking for stuff. Do you think this purse would work well with my Damier NF daily?

I've done searches for the Kristin Flap and I've seen pics on how big it is but I haven't been able to find any pics with items in it. Does anyone have any pics of it full of their stuff? Any advice and pics are much appreciated! :biggrin:


Jul 16, 2009
I will try to get pictures for you tomorrow. But I think it would be an excellent companion to the Damier NF. All the items you list would easily fit, and a few more.... AND, they would be organized between the three sections - everything would be easy to find. Its very lightweight. To me, its perfect for a day shopping, when I'm lugging around shopping bags and out to dinner in the evening when I just want a smaller bag to trug in next to me...


Jul 16, 2009
Ok, here's some quick and dirty pictures. I'm seriously into Thanksgiving prep now and don't have time to do a better job...

This is my junk: huge stuffed old ugly wallet, wristlet, tissue, glasses case, mirror, makeup bag (5x4x1.75"), coin purse, phone and keys (not shown).

My stuff fits readily, is well organized, and has room to spare. As you can see from the side picture, its not stuffed at all...

I do have coach sunglasses that have an enormous case. I don't like how that fits, so I tuck my sunglasses in one of the numerous side pockets. Hope that helps you decide!


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