Kristin Rouched drawstring hobo

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  1. Has anyone bought this bag? Any input on lenght of it? I'm not planning on buying it but my bf plans to get me a bag for valentines
  2. i am going to get it as soon as there's a PCE!
  3. I think maryG ordered the navy one... i think.... LOL :graucho: where you at woman?
  4. I did order it! in Navy! it should be here wed. or thurs, I can let you know then!
  5. man i love your avatar!!! i want that bag- but i want to wait till there's a PCE- hopefully in a few weeks if rumors are true.
    they're $498 right?
  6. Thanks maryG I'll be waiting

  7. Yes its $498. I am hoping for a PCE Soon also!
  8. ordered today as well. was told that they were only showing 300 in jax. so this is not a high quantity bag. also inquired about a pce and was told they had heard march but couldn't give an exact date and she was pretty sure there wouldn't be one before then. ugh.
  9. ooooo can't wait til you get it maryG!! :biggrin:

  10. I was told the same thing so I thought I better order it! They may get more in later or they may not?
  11. I cant wait to see pictures! I want it bad. :smile:
  12. where can i see a picture of this bag?
  13. Check maryG's avatar
  14. oops! thanks, maes!
  15. OOoooooo I really want this bag also!!! I can't wait for your reveal MaryG!! We'll be waiting...YAY!!! :yahoo: