kristin purses

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  1. I want to buy the Kristin purse chalk white any suggestions?:nuts::P:yahoo:
  2. Suggestions like which style of Kristin or? :thinking:
  4. You have three options. You could call and see if they have any left in inventory. Sometimes they have a few even though they are not up on the site. You could try a Coach outlet. You could look at sites like ebay.
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  6. I have a large Kristin hobo so I might be biased :P But here's what I honestly think about it... It's a great hobo. It's comfortable for me to carry it on my shoulder and it's also great when I carry it crossbody. Generally speaking, the Kristin line is simple yet classy, IMO.

    Btw, it's a hobo so obviously it will be slouchy one way or another. If a bag's slouch bothers you, this is not your bag. If it doesn't, then great! Anyway, the Kristin hobo only slouches on the top. The bottom stays straight and isn't droopy.

    A few other things I may want to add:

    1) The bag can get heavy with the solid hardwares. So if it gets heavy and you're not using it crossbody, take off your crossbody strap and store it away ;) That will help with keeping your Kristin hobo slightly lighter if not much.

    2) I think the chalk color is an earlier release of the Kristin line. If I'm not wrong, that color is already at the outlets. Sold out or not, available or not, at your local outlets, that's another story. So, call and check if you have outlets near you. Otherwise, always try the departmental stores like Dillard's, Macy's and Nordstrom.

    3) Continuation of point #2... If possible, forget about ordering directly from Coach. Chalk is an older color and you can get it at a cheaper price by buying it from the outlets or a departmental store. Seriously. Worse comes to worst, try eBay or Bonanzle. If you need to get the bag (you found on eBay or Bonanzle) authenticated in fear that it may not be authentic, post in the authenticate thread and someone will assist you there ;)


  7. I just purchased a chalk Kristin last week at the outlet at a steal of a bargain. I got the small satchel but days before I saw the Kristin hobo in chalk in the large. I think at this point it's probably hit or miss on the chalk color. I keep seeing the tote and siggy versions.