Kristin pleated satchel


Mmmm Coach *nom nom*
Jan 29, 2009
So Cal 562
thanks for your thoughts , , i have not seen it IRL.. but just the pics on the website and it looks kinda classy ....from the photos...and was wondering how it would look... hoping someone had some modeling pics
Yes! Classy is a great word to describe this bag! I never even thought about wanting this bag until I saw two people in the same day with the black leather one. The bag caught my attention the first time, so when I saw it again later in the day, I knew it was a bag I had to have! It's so simple, yet classy and elegant, even when dressing casually. I hope to find the black leather one real soon. I'm trying to hunt on down at Macy's while F&F is going on.


Apr 7, 2007
Angelic*ruin: I know it's soo off topic but what iPad case do you have?
I just have the black Apple brand case. It's not pictured inside my bag in the screenshot I posted above. I don't generally carry the iPad around daily because it makes my bag too heavy.