Kristin Metallic Drawstring Python Hobo

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  1. Good morning everyone! I have had a panic attack and I am dying to find the kristin metallic drawstring python hobo. Does anyone know if Macys, Dillards or any other retail store carried this. I am not able to find this bag anywhere but the bay. Thanks so much!;)
  2. I bought it yesterday at the outlet! My outlet still had two more!
  3. :yahoo:Hey there,

    Do you know which outlet it was? Thanks so much!
  4. I got mine at the outlet in Gonzales Louisiana a week ago!! I cracked the tags yesterday.

    It's really beautiful.
  5. I'm cracking my tags today too. Love it! My outlet is in canada, crossiron mills calgary. I bet that your outlet could find you one though. It was 30 % off and another 20%. It came to $340 ish.
  6. I got one at the outet in Delaware last week. (It was the only one they had.) 30% off plus another 25%. Hope you were able to track one down!
  7. Leesburg in VA had one this past weekend.