Kristin Leather Small Satchel Owners:

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  1. Do you plan to hand carry the bag or shoulder carry? Just curious, i love this bag but i'm really a shoulder bag girl. Thanks ladies.
  2. I just got mine in black this PCE and I've been using it as a shoulder bag this week. Have you accessorized yours with a scarf or fob? What color did you get?
  3. I haven't gotten it yet; have been considering it but hesitating b/c i wasn't sure how it would look/feel to be carried on the shoulder. i love it though. I think i'd get it in black.
  4. I got mine in smoke blue and she's absolutely gorgeous. I use her as a shoulder bag. It's a great organizer bag and quite roomy for a small bag.

  5. I tend to carry all my bags as satchels
  6. I have a black one and I've used it mainly as a shoulder bag. Very comfortable and pretty roomy as well.
  7. Usually I'll carry mine at the crook of my elbow....occassionally on the shoulder when my hands are full. As compared to the Sabrina, she still maintains most of her shape when carried on the shoulder. Don't hesitate, go out and get one....she is a classic piece to have.
  8. I love this bag because it's one of the few that actually works as a satchel OR a shoulder bag. It's very comfortable to wear on the shoulder IMO. My Sophias on the other hand, look/work much better as satchels...
  9. I think I'm going to use mine as a satchel. If I get tired of that I'll attach the strap.