Kristin Leather issues?



I have a medium Kristin leather wallet and it has these little indentations in the leather. Does this leather seem to soft? I haven't had it long and I am careful when I pick it up not to stick my nails into the leather. Has anyone had this same issue with a bag?
Jan 2, 2008
I don't have the bag, but have the large kristin wristlet, I just got it today, just took it out of the tissue and there is already indents in it... I believe it may be the soft leather... not sure that I like the fact that it gets like that so fast...


Yes, it looks like I have had it for awhile. This really bugs me.


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Dec 9, 2008
Hi Ladies,

This is my first time posting. I usually just oogle the beautiful bags everyone here has bought.
I just bought the yellow kristin tote and it was order from JAX. I got it today and I noticed a similiar issue. I have all of these wrinkles in parts of the leather. It looks like wrinkle lines in a person's hand.

Is this normal for the yellow kristin's? If not, how can I get the wrinkles out?



Mar 11, 2009
so i bought the hobo and it seemed slightly off when i took it out of the bag, but i used the coach leather conditioner and that made the bad seem better. i also bought the checkbook wallet and it had funny indents in it when i took it out of the bag, so i brought it back.