~Kristin Leather~Delicate????

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    just make sure to do a spot test first and leave for 24hrs, if it all looks good then go ahead and treat the whole item.
  2. My card said to treat with Coach leather conditioner and cleaner which I did.
  3. My card also said to treat with the leather conditioner and cleaner.

    I definitely would not call the Kristin leather "delicate". I hope that no one decides to return their Kristin's because Coach may or may not be now saying that the cleaner and conditioner can't be used on it. These bags are very durable and should give many years of good use.
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    Nm I'm a goober :smile:
  5. My Kristin zip top tote care card says you can use Coach moistureizer and cleaner and my SA said so also. It's from the new Kristin line so I would think they could all be treated alike. It sure is confusing huh??? granny
  6. I agree. I think a lot of bags received the wrong care card.
  7. My new Kristin spectator hobo which looks to have the same leather as the bag in your avatar, came with a care card that also said to treat with Coach cleaner and conditioner. Hmmmm.

  8. Hmmmmm I'm thinking that we might just see this in the near future. :rolleyes:
  9. ^^ I'm Keeping my Hippie, but like I said, Coach Messed Up with the care cards for the Kristin Leather Hippie's....I emailed them to ask since I would like to use something on the leather to keep it nice..Like some have said, some cards say to use their products and some say Not to.I'm Not going to use something that will damage the leather..Thats why I gave up on Coach and asked here.

    It doesn't matter anyways, like I mentioned on an earlier post, I
    ordered the Apple Products for my bag since they come Highly recommended..:smile:
  10. Thank you for your e-mail.

    We are delighted to learn that you purchase a Coach handbag. We will be happy to assist you with the care of your new Kristin Leather Hippie handbag.

    To remove dirt from your Kristin Leather Hippie, wipe
    its surface with a damp cloth. Due to its delicate nature,
    this item should not be treated with COACH Leather Cleaner
    or Moisturizer. We do not recommend that you pre-treat your handbag.

    Yes, Coach Cleaner and Moisturizer, does include silicone on select classic leather products only. Leather can naturally lose its oils, sometimes leaving it dry and stiff. Silicone helps in moisturizing the leather by giving it a supple finish. Each Coach item you purchase has care instructions advising whether to use our Cleaner and Moisturizer on that selected product.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    For those who don't understand what I was saying.Also I was told that Silicone was Not good for leather bags..But I could be wrong!!Thats why I asked:smile:
  11. I posted the Email that Coach sent me..Its just interesting that Coach calls the Hippie leather *Delicate* when it seems to be the Same leather as most Kristin bags,hmmm...But yeah, this bag Should give Me many years of use, and seems very durable..This was the Only reason for me asking here where people seem to know more than Coach! :nuts:
  12. I have the pale pink small hobo and I have used both the cleaner and moisturizer on it with good results - my sales associate said that while you can just moisturize a bag - I do that because most of my bags are dark colored, you cannot just use the cleaner on a bag without using the moisturizer which stands to reason. I asked specifically before I bought the pale pink, because I wanted to be sure that I could clean itr easily. I sometimes think that they don't pay attention to details and it can end up copnfusing the customers.
  13. I don't have the kristin, but do have several other bags with the pre-treated leathers from the coach list (hamptons, alexandra.) No Appleguard, didn't like the pre-test results.

    My kids have spilled orange juice on two of my brand new bags: one an alexandra convertible (this past year), and the other a hamptons tote in the classic glove-tanned leather (in 2001.) No sign of the spill on the Alexandra :yahoo:, but you can still see the spot on the glove-tanned Hamptons. I still love the older Coach leather because it looks fab even after 10 years of daily abuse, but I am VERY impressed with the durability of the new pre-treated leathers after the latest spill. Still an issue with scratches, but great on spills...
  14. I haven't seen a Kristin in person but the leather looks the same as Sophia. It has a demi-gloss finish and I'm thinking "that" is what might be delicate. Whatever finish they used to polish up the leathers may react over time to their silicone based moisturizers and cleaners. I don't think the leather by itself is delicate.
  15. Thank's for sharing :smile: It does get alittle confusing when there are alot of types of leather.
    Wow, thank's for sharing :smile: I do think that it helps that Coach pre-treats their bags to be water and stain resistaint..I'm happy the juice came off your Alexandra.Its odd though, on the email I recieved, it states not to pre-treat my bag,lol...:p
    I agree that the kristin and sophia leather are alike! Its just strange how you can treat one leather one way, and the other you can't...But I'm going to use my apple cond. when it arrives..I will do a small area and see how it looks..The leathe doesn't seem delicate to me, it seems pretty durable :smile:Thank's for your insight~