kristin hobo

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  1. Who loves their kristin hobo, I don't any coach bags, I usually stick to my LV's, but I bought a leather coach wallet and love the look of the leather and I am very impressed with the quality. I was looking online for a hobo bag and came across the Kristin hobo and I love how it comes with the extra strap, I really like it in the taupe. Does anyone have any pics, I am a very small lady so I think I would want to go with the medium size...but I do love large bags!

  2. I have the large and it gets waaay too heavy... of course, that is because I over fill it. I love the leather on this bag. Wears so well!! Good luck with your purchase!
  3. I love mine( medium hobo in taupe) Have had it a month after those bags hit clearance at the outlet. It's just enough room for my stuff and more and is really lightweight. I tried on the large but didn't like it because it was too big.
  4. I have the large black leather and it is by far one of my favorite bags! For me it's very comfortable and easy to carry, and it holds all my stuff perfectly. Plus I love the crossbody option and use it frequently when I'm out and about.
  5. Check out the your Coach in action thread, I think there are a couple of modeling pics of the Kristin Hobo in there.
  6. I have the large Taupe and like it quite a bit, though sometimes it is a bit clunky with the hardware jangling.
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  8. Just re-read that you were interested in leather mine is siggy but you can see the shape of it anyway.
  9. [​IMG]

    I loooooove mine, it is the large in brown. It slouches beautifully.
  10. ^^^:nuts: This color is gorgeous! I don't think I've ever seen it in this color.
  11. Thank you,, Coach simply calls this brown. It's one of this falls new colors. If you've ever seen any of the vintage bags this color bears a striking resemblance to the color they callled british tan. It is a very warm rich brown.
  12. I have the blue leather, and I love it! It is a very substantial bag, and the leather is good quality.
  13. I have the hobo in black on black siggy C fabric. Love it! Great on the shoulder and awesome when worn crossbody too :yes: Also, I have the black Kristin leather tote. Another great bag and it's my everyday bag now because the leather is more worry-free.

    Overall, the Kristin line is simple yet classy. That's exactly why I love Kristin stuff :biggrin:
  14. I have Kristen (large...but I like big bags) in Taupe and I LOVE HER!! I think you should go for it .... Kristen is a great bag.
  15. Versatile shoulder and cross body bag! Comfortable on the shoulders and slouches beautifully. All around great hobo. Now I wish it would come out in the old gorgeous Legacy leather with the fab contrast stitching:smile::smile:

    Are you listening Coach?