Kristin Hippie or the New Julia small bag. Help me deciide!


Apr 21, 2011
Hey ya'll. I'm looking for a 'grab and go' kinda bag. Which one do you guys think would be more convenient? Long term wise also? Kristin Hippie or the New Julia small bag? TIA.
And if you have other suggestions, I'd be grateful. :smile:


Satchel Girl
May 1, 2010
Personally, although I love satchels, for grab n go, on the run type bags, I find crossbody or shoulder to be the best, which is why I voted for the hippie.
Another suggestion, if you shop on ebay, is the mia convertible shoulder, regular size. I have this bag and use it as a casual grab n go bag. It can go shoulder or crossbody, and holds a good amount without being huge. the leather is super soft and smooshy too. its a very simple, clean style.


Jun 18, 2010
I would definitely go with the Kristin Hippie. It's a great size and you can carry a lot more than you would expect. Also, it's great because it can be worn crossbody. You don't even have to worry about the bag slipping off of your shoulder or holding a bag. On the other hand, I find the Julia Small bags to be really small. There isn't a lot that fits in there and the opening is a bit small. You also have to hold on to it so it might be a hassle if you're going grocery shopping.

HTH :smile:


Feb 23, 2009
Hippie Hippie Hippie :biggrin:

Seriously, it's a great lightweight bag that actually holds quite a bit (think size of a Groovy), can go crossbody, but has a long enough drop to wear over the shoulder with the shorter strap.


Classic Beauty....
Apr 6, 2008
I just got a Hippie and I am sooooo in LOVE!!! Such a lightweight classy bag and lots of ways to carry it. And I was surprised about how much it will hold. I have a couple of groovys and comparing the shape and size they hold the same amount of stuff, for me, however the groovy gets kind of bulgy under the arm...hope that makes sense and the hippie stays nice and flat under my arm...something about the height of the bag or maybe the strap drop...I'm not sure I just know I LOVE my new hippie!!!
Am ready to unload all my groovys so I can get a black hippie got the white mist color for summer! :smile:


Feb 9, 2006
Another vote for the Hippie :smile: I have the Mushroom and I love this bag..It is my everyday bag..The leather is so nice and smells great...As others have said, it holds alot more than you would think and it is so comfy to carry!!!!Good Luck and please share when you decide..:smile: