Kristin Graphic Op Art

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  1. Hi ladies! This is my first post. Been loving Coach for a while and bought my first bag in December...the Brooke Hobo in mahogany and now I'm hooked.

    I've never had any interest in anything with graphics or the sig. But I'm really drawn to the new graphic op art for Kristin but I don't know why!

    Has anyone picked this up yet? I love the hobo, but might get the cute wristlet as I don't know how often I'll wear the hobo. Just thinking of the whole "cost-per-wear".
  2. The Kristin collection is coming out in stores next week, so it's brand brand new. If you're not sure about a whole bag in a certain print I would definitely agree that a wristlet is a good compromise. :smile: I have an ocelot mini skinny because I loved the pattern but couldn't handle a whole ocelot bag.
  3. I tried two of them yesterday (black/white ones) and IDK, it wasn't as impressive as I thought. :sad: I thought it would look young, but it ended up making me look old. I loved the new leather Kristin hobos though. :biggrin: But you can't really say until you try it, I guess. Maybe it'll work better for you. :heart:
  4. I can't wait to see it in person too :O) their pic's usually make it look different to me any way LOL
  5. I completely missed out on the Ocelot and should have picked up the wristlet. I think the bag was nice, but couldn't justify buying it. But the wristlet would get use for evenings.

    I might get the graphic op art wristlet but will order online. No Coach stores anywhere near me. Which is probably a good thing.

    I'm kinda liking the chaulk hobo too...