Kristin Elevated Leather Large N/S Tote 18278 *Pics*

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  1. Here are some pics of my new Kristin Elevated Leather Large N/S Tote in Gold/Brown. I don't think I am going to keep this bag, but I wanted to share some pics for those who are interested. I think the third picture represents the color the most accurately.

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  2. It is lovely. What is it that makes younot want to keep it?
  3. Wow! The leather on these bags is fantastic. :drool:

    I do feel that the top/opening is a little awkward on these totes...since you are dealing with the breakaway zipper and the leather folds (if you leave the side zippers closed).
  4. I really like the zippers on the sides.....

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  5. The inside is very pretty! My picture does not do it justice. It is more vibrant IRL. The color makes me think of mermaids.

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  6. This color looks so much nicer in your pics than in the DD. Darn, I thought I was safe. lol

    What would you compare the color to? Any earlier browns come to mind?

    *ecj*waxy - Do you mind measuring the drop of the long strap? Thanks!
  7. I am just not wowed by it. There are several things I like about it, but I don't love it. I sort of think the leather and the hardware do not go together. To me, the leather is a durable, "take a beating" type of leather.....the hardware, IMO is a little too fancy for this type of leather.
  8. I agree about the leather.....I :heart:LOVE:heart: it!!! I also agree about the opening. I haven't tried my things in it, but I have a feeling it could be a bit of a pain getting stuff in and out. I love the side zippers, though! I think they look good both zipped and unzipped.
  9. wow....I love this bag...what is the price?
  10. Makes sense. I'm all for keeping only the best of the best!
  11. I love the leather,color and the hardware.:drool:
  12. can someone tell me the price?Ia long strap detachable?
  13. I like the color IRL much better, too. I thought in the DD pic, that the leather looked like it might have a very slight bit of a shimmer. It definitely does not.

    It is very similar to the Walnut Legacy leather. This leather is a just a bit lighter and perhaps a warmer shade of brown.....very close to the Walnut, though.

    The drop of the long strap is about 17.5".
  14. $698
  15. OOOHH, I love the leather and the color. Would you mind telling what this one cost? TIA, granny