Kristin, does anyone know

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  1. Good morning ladies, does anyone know if Coach has resolved the zipper issues on the latest release of the Kristin hobo bags? I am considering a second stab at buying one with my PCE.
  2. i do not have an answer for you

    but , i just wanted to say, go for it, especially with the new colors

    are you looking at small or large?

    you know what would be cool

    if they made a medium one with a zippered pocket on the back side, that would be awesome, and trim it out with contrasting colors, hhhmmmm yah
    i would love that a lot

    good luck in deciding

  3. I bought the Kristin hobo for spring in the turqoise siggy and was considering returning it. I took it back to the store, and the SA's said to PLEASE give it a chance. They assured me that the zipper just needed to loosen up and that after a couple of weeks of using it, that it would. I told them I was very hesitant to give it a try, but they assured me that if I used it for a couple of weeks and still felt it was not behaving properly, they would "take care of me".

    They were right. Even during the first week I was cursing it, but honestly, it really did need some usage. I didn't put anything on the zipper either - no wax paper or any of the suggestions that I read on here. I just used it and that's all it needed - to be broken in.

    I really wouldn't worry about it. And please do give it a chance. Yes you may be cursing it for a week, but after that it will be fine. Mine now opens and closes like velvet - it's PERFECT.

    HTHs. :biggrin:
  4. Hi Peggle, I would like the large one in the brown color, it looks like a very rich warm brown. Your suggestion re contrasting colors does sound awesome!!
  5. I bought the lg Kristin hobo in taupe earlier this year and had to finally return it. I really loved that bag and kind of think I might give one of the new ones a try. I love the rich warm brown color.
  6. Yes, I saw the Java color and it really is quite beautiful - a very warm soothing brown - such a nice change from the mahogany that I'm just sick to death of seeing. :nuts:

    Do give the zipper a chance. Resign yourself to the fact that for the first couple of weeks it will drive you nuts, and before you know it, you will totally have forgotten all about the fact it used to be sticky. But try to use it every day for a couple of weeks - if you just take it out for a day here or a day there, that's not giving the zipper enough time to break in properly.
  7. all you have to do with any sticky zipper is rub wax paper over it and it's slick as a whistle :smile:
  8. oh, and i find that if i put my index finger under the zipper (so it's on the inside of the bag) and place your thumb ontop of the zipper (on the outside) it works quite well!
  9. I bought the regular size turquoise leather hobo back in February and it ended up going back due to the bad zipper. However, I recently got a large sig twig hobo and haven't had any problems with the zipper at all.
  10. Thanks for your advice ladies. I called the boutique nearest (1 hr.) and asked them if they had it in the brown or the blue and the SA said yes. We will be stopping there next sat. on our way to the coast. She very nicely asked if she could put them on hold for me and of course I said YES!! I can't wait to buy it with my EPCE. Thanks again ladies!!