Kristin Davis - After shopping at Louis Vuitton, 01.04.2008

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  3. I wonder what she bought. She looks very pleased!
  4. Beautiful woman
  5. very cute thanks for posting!
  6. She looks great! Her silver purse is cute, anyone know what it is?
  7. She's always been one of my favorite stars. Doesn't look like she bought anything too large based on the size of her shopping bag.
  8. She looks great and so young and natural. Love her outfit, it's simple and very comfy looking, the shoes are great.
  9. She's so classy and she looks a lot younger than she is - she graduated college before I was even born :shocked:
  10. She is too cute!!! I think she looks fab!
  11. Such a gorgeous looking woman!! Seems to be more 'real' than most celebs too,I love her for that!
  12. She's so pretty! She doesn't appear to be upset that she got a ticket.
  13. She does look very excited after leaving the store!!
  14. She's so cute!
  15. She is very cute! Did she get a parking ticket?