Kristin Cavallari

  1. does anyone really care about her?
    aside from the real orange county, who the hell is she?
    I DISLIKE her.
  2. I don't dislike her but I don't really know why she's famous beyond the reality show she was on.
  3. i can't beleive the press she gets! she actually made it on the maxim hottest 100! at # 23!
  5. I could do w/ or w/o her personally.
    I thought her persona was pretty nasty on the show.
  6. Weird! Goes to show you what it takes to be a celebrity.
  7. Who?

    Just kidding. don't think much about her.
  8. It's really about the PR person they have, and most of the Laguna kids have (or had) a good one.
  9. does anyonw know when "the hills" start, the run-off from laguna beach?????
  10. She's yuck.
  11. This is why publicists get paid so much money!!
  12. the hills starts on may 31st or june 1st.
  13. The Hills Premiere Is May 31st @ 10pm......I Don't Care For Kristin C. So Much, Either
  14. Yeah I don't care much for her either, she even admitted the only reason she dated Nick Lachey was for the publicity. She also tries to show up at almost every red carpet event she can.
  15. I don't like her. I like Lauren from Laguna Beach so much more.